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We’re ALL Pluggers this time of year…

And how Bruce wants to see ALL the customers in his store:

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By bats | July 7, 2020 - 11:29 am
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And we’re off on the road to Morocco (or Disneyland, or Wally World, or Gramma’s house…)

Plugger Love…

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By bats | June 2, 2020 - 3:19 pm
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I swear I have no idea what Henrietta was wearing, with all the frou-frou on it. I’m pretty sure it might’ve been a pair of Crocs once I’d finished with it though. Oh, well…

On the other hand, this is probably a whole lot closer to reality:

And just another mystery of the ages…

Always look on the bright side of life…

And then look a little longer on the bright (and lucrative) side…

And I thought surreal was last month…

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…even seeps into the Pluggerverse.

Which leads us to the man —> man-dog —> loser pizza-shop owner.

This kinda freaked me out, or at least gave me a short-lived goosebump reaction:

What needs to be said (although one of the folks from FB’s Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon is pretty sure that Pluggers will prevent Earth from joining the United Federation of Planets someday…)

Merely “an obervation…”

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…Moy has run out of ideas. Mary Worth is dead. Everyone at Charterstone (except for Wilbut, his ladyfriend and Libby) is dead. All of Santa Royale is dead. It’s a pandemic of Dumb, people! Why do you thing Dawn and Jerod are still in the airport?!??

Well, it looks like either Dawn and/or Jerod are bored with standing around the airport terminal…time to head home!

Evidently, Jerod manages to slip by the Elephant Man, and it’s time to head home some more!

Even a blind pig finds the occasional acorn:

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In with the more old! Brookins is retiring, and he isn’t leaving the strip to his son/daughter/newly-adopted Vietnamese orphan! Yay for that!
Wish I’d known that a little sooner — teaches me that this is what happens when I don’t read Pluggers every damned day!

And yet, even more of the old (I’m a plugger, a doctor told me I didn’t need a routine exam for X anymore!):

And, really, who cares? Huh?

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Because “OK, Boomer” is just a lazy-ass comment. At least try to make it a little creative…

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…the Plugger was ordering a pizza. And garlic bread. And Diet Coke. Using his landline phone (yes, the one you see here)…

I’ll admit that I got some amount of commentary for the above strip being very, very dark (I really didn’t expect that at all…maybe because I think of CC readers as being fairly dark anyway).
I’m hoping that this one is more palatable. There’s not really much to make of it, other than I think Claude Cat is seriously underused, and I want to make sure he can shine a little.

And, yes, I have succumbed to the occasional bargain, and spent a long time looking for a restroom.

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By bats | November 6, 2019 - 3:11 pm
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But in my defense…

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