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Some folks are sticklers for detail, and although I don’t know how thick a small plane’s wings should be in order to allow it successful flight, I will certainly bow to the expertise of others on this topic.

OTOH, CC’s Dale appears to have an alternative use for those aircraft that are a wee bit under FAA standards. Wheeeeeee!

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Are we excited because this shows an expert understanding of outlining a riveting plot? Or that it plunges into a multi-faceted, multi-themed story? Or that it explores its characters with a surprising incisiveness?

Nope. It just means Judge Pissyface it back…YAY!

noT jp 147


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…that we’ve seen in 9 Chickweed Lane (and Pibgorn), is this really a surprise?

New CL

So. We’ve determined that there is only one virgin in New Hampshire.  And counting…

New 9cl

Oh, fine. Now we have the honeymoon to deal with.

New 9CL 2

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The Comics Curmudgeon‘s faithful Poteet knows a metric butt-ton of the flora, fauna and ecology of the Great Plains (weren’t they the three fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty, too?).  Always striving to increase her knowledge beyond those horizons (yes, even beyond the state line of Lu Ann Powell’s beloved East Dakota), when she suggests that a certain comic strip could be improved by substituting elephant seals for the current characters, who am I to dispute this Great Notion?

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From Crimestoppers Notebook!

And snarky pets everywhere!

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This is Mary Worth, after all, revolving around making sandwiches…

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No, we were just joshing ya!  I mean:  WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?

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New Archie

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…you know he’s just as happy at a KOA Kampground.

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(following that unauthorized bit of spelunking a day or so ago)

New Rex 2

Gotta love that Rex expression!

Another day, another bunch of Buck so wanting to play catch-up with Rex…

New Rex

But perhaps things will improve in Rex’s afternoon appointments…

New Rex 2

Yes…FUN WITH REX WHEN HE’S PLAYING DOCTOR! Whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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…international terrorist/kidnapping plots are still not funny. Or interesting.

I wonder how Judge Pissyface is doing.

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