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…I’m over 60! I like well-drawn comics! And semblances of plot! So sue me!

And when all this standing around jawin’ was a little too boring:

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the election IS over, right?

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Meanwhile, Ma and Pa Keane might want to rethink the child left behind…

Image may contain: text that says '"I don't like the Apocalypse cause our wrathful God never leaves any daytime after dinner. And 'cause Mommy won" let us go out and play in the maelstrom, either."'

Finally some peace and quiet for the elder Keanes!

One of these days, Jeffy is going to put two and two together…

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Tommy escapes from Mary’s clutches, filled with underbaked banana bread and loads of good advice.
It seems that the banana bread isn’t sitting too well, though…

It appears that things are getting back on track…Mary exercising, Tommy counselin school kids on the EVILS!!! of drugs…

And Tommy still does his best to win Brandy back…

I’m beginning to lose hope…

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…but Scoopy the Surly Sundae does have a softer side, particularly when it comes to Harry Bliss’ sad little squirrel on a park bench.

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King Features is considering rebooting a “retired” comics, with new writers/ new artists/new plots (you know, beating a dead horse, since there are No New Ideas). One of the contenders is Apt. 3-G! And if you thought the oirinal was exciting….

…watch the ladies’ 21st-Century adventures!

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…but I hate my piano teacher most of all.”

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It was necessary. And you know it. But at least we know that Tommy has a great dinner of canned tuna and onion rings waiting for him!

He may be a reformed druggie, but Tommy remembers his childhood manners. Anyway, when Mary offers banana bread, a little delayed dinner at his own place can’t hurt. Can it? CAN IT???

Leonardo da Renaissance Dude!

And then I begin to ask myself, “Why was I missing Mary in the strip?”

Well, look what we have here! Mary seems to have found it in the fridge…or the cupboard…or under the sink…

Hey, all he did was ask an honest question!

At least if you leave on unfriendly terms, Tommie, you won’t have to haul the old hag’s groceries upstairs anymore…

Don’t do it, Tommy!

WHEW! A whole week of Mary “advising” (read, meddling) Tommy! But we lived through it all, didn’t we?
(well, not the pigeons…)

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…out of a medical school class of 82, but Rex has some mad self-preservation skillz!

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Bernice is having Boy problems (this is only made funnier because she apparently has a crush on her biological brother…ho ho!) Best to confide in a meathead, right?

Or follow Ma DeGroot’s suggestion and read some soft-core porn for middle Americans…

Not that soft-core porn for middle Americans pays much attention to grammar or editing…

Do it, Bernice…DO EET!!! I’ll give you a bright, shiny quarter…

Just because I want SOMEONE to tell Luann to STFU.

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