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…he’s positively to fetal for you!

It can’t get worse, can it?

Oh, yeah, but Iris is determined to look for a silver lining…

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What?!?? Zak isn’t all hot to call Iris after class??

Getting ready to go out…

Oh, boy…the tension builds!


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(There were scads of great tributes to Charles Schulz on his 100th birthday, November 26…Mary Worth was hardly one of them.)

Judge Parker (or his ilk) were too busy investigating bad guys to wish anyone a Happy 100th (the bastages)…

After a barrage of bullets and a crapload of corpses, Sam and Gloria leave the lake house and speculate on Who Might Be Responsible!

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Admittedly, he sets a pretty low bar…

Our favorite fourth-born child…

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Wedding plans begin apace!

Even then, Mary daydreams, or hallucinates, or something…

Meanwhile, what’s our bride Iris up to?

Happy Thanksgiving from the Chartsterone Gang!!!

Where’s Iris? Still on her way to college, it seems.

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And to think, Mary is really, truly back! Dreams DO come true!

There might be dangers at every turn, Mary…be strong!

And now Mary gets to hear the rehash of “Zak ‘n’ Iris at Waydown Falls.” O joy.

Still, Mary feels obliged to help…

Thank heavens for the weekend…

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Iris and Zak’s weekend mean different things to different people.

Ah, pillow talk!

More pillow talk…

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Could things be ANY BETTER?!??

Home again, home again…

Of course, all good things must come to an end…

If Iris sits with her shoes on couch, where else might she be?!??

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The sad little plot thickens…

Why do you keep opening your mouth, Les?

Summer meets the high school janitor, who is a Time Lord or some such garbage (29 days to implosion, Batuik, you hack)…

Mop-boy yammers on and on, as Summer tries to think of anything she can do to ditch him.

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Wait! There’s more!

Zak has been getting his news from the World Weekly Report…


And just because Our God is a Generous God, TWO snarks for the price o’ one!


We’re coming up on the weekend…like it or not, Ms. Moy, something better happen soon!

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