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And still… there’s not always a 100% Happy Ending:

Toby’s plan goes into action!

It was almost nearly a success!

Ian starts to really fantacize about following an acting career…

Toby needs to say a few words to Ms. Moss…

And then, it’s time to go home…

(So that’s why there’s been boxes and boxes of the stuff in the freezer. For years.)

And for anyone hoping/praying/sacrificing black chickens for the Toby-Ian-Helen-Cal-Maddie-SRCc cheerleaders polygon to end:

Oh, look, there goes another one…

Cool. So far no funerals this week…

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At least the Kentucky Derby is wholesome fun. Maybe the Keanes ought to buy a horse.

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Actually, I saw this and my immediate response was “HEY!!!!”.

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Lord, Toby sounds like one of the missing Kean melonheads…

You DO realize that the second week in May has been designated “Toby’s problem with the college student, haven’t you?

But that college kid isn’t that much of a jerk, but you think about it…

You’re not helping, Mary….

Go for it, Toby! Of course, Mary will support you. Sure.

Meanwhile, it seems that Helen Moss hasn’t been sitting idly by and eating muffins….

While Toby makes plans as well…

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When one of the four room-mates is fucking her boyfriend blind, there’s a lame attempt to create a “Privacy Hut” — the only problem is that the one harlot is monopolizing all the time in the PH to fuck her boyfriend. Plans need to be made to make the PH run more smoothly,
Me? I would have just killed the slut causing the problem.

I, for one, am hoping for Trouble in Paradise (o the Privacy Hut, at least).

Stef goes off in a snit (not that anyone stops her). And Tiffany learns the awful, awful truth…

And just how young, smart and talented students solve a problem:

Meanwhile, Borenice considers breaking up with Nil (OMG OMG OMG)…

And who better to ask all those burning questions but that hydrocephalic Luann?

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Mary is never at a loss for time, or bored. After all, there’s always muffins. Stinking, boring muffins.

Even Mary can’t prevent Sunday from happening!

Ah, well, back to the kitchen. Thank heavens, Mary has someone to keep her company, even if it’s only Toby.

Toby, like Mary, really knows how to keep busy, and has no idea what’s going on…

Now, down to eatina a bunch of muffins and dishing the dirt!

Wow! Suddenly, all of Ian’s academic career is laid bare!

What more can be said, now that everyone has apparently kissed and made up?

Wow, this catastrophic dilemma was over so soon!

Or was it?

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Can Mary Worth get any more exciting?!??

Can it? I mean, CAN IT?!??

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to clutch your pearls….

The shock is EVERYWHERE!!!

WHAT will happen NEXT?!??

Just like auld tymes (yuck)…

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And no snark with this one….just something that makes you say “HEY!!!”

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( and yes, Shakespeare want his writing back).

Yes, you can do it!

Maybe it’s all been resolved!

I just want to clear up a few points…

It appears that Ian has calmed Toby’s fears (it was either that or the merlot).

Details, Toby! Ian needs DETAILS!

THE SHOCKING REVELATION! (that just about everyone except Toby guessed):

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