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…Mark reflects on his separation from Cherry, his isolation from civilization, his forced camaraderie with Dr. Camel and the rest…

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And with the New Year moving on, Dolly just can’t catch a break.

(Commentary from John Weaver at FB’s Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon: “Damn, the way he draws an Asian character, like Mickey Rooney is still alive. ” All too true, Mr. Weaver.)

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…and the strip might not improve. But you have to admit with all the medical drama, complex familial interactions et al., Rex is, way down deep, simply a…um, ah…simple man. Would we have it any other way?

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Now may be a good time for him to really worry.

I also forgot how much I liked Cayla (her taste in men aside)…

Can Les be any more of a jerk? Is there a title, or a contest, that he’s trying to win? Me, personally, I’d love to see Cayla leave once they return home (if not before).

Finally, sunny California…Swimming Pools, Movie Stars.
And the sad realization that “Lisa’s Story: The Book” may actually become “Lisa’s Story: The Movie at the Dollar Dive a Week After It Opens.”

Then again, I think the cinematic version of “Lisa’s Story” has about as much box office draw (and big bucks income) as “Cats”…

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This particular episode has turned into a long, long one filled with talking heads, accusations, no punching and NO ANIMALS WHATSOEVER! Is this Mark Trail or Mary Worth?!?? We can only hope for something. Anything.

Okay, still with the talking heads, but some admissions are forthcoming. (I don’t know if this really happens, but it should!)

Well, gee whiz, Dr. Camel’s back-story really is exciting and tragic!

….and he’s back to being an insufferable cry-baby, too!

And what, pray tell, has Dr. Camel learned from his harrowing life experience?

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,,,and at least we’re not hallucinating like Mark or Mary.

To be honest, Mary isn’t hallucinating. Every poor soul who stumbles across her path is…

HAPPY 2020! And heaven save us all!

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Things are just rosy for Estelle and Wilbutt, and here’s Mary doling out all sorts of platitudes for a despondent Iris, who has moved back to the hell that is Charterstone. How long Iris will tolerate it is anyone’s guess. She may be pregnant and/or menopausal and/or hypothyroidic, but even she has a limit.

The opinion that “Mary is a good listener.” is dubious at best.

Of course, Mary just has to bring in Zak to counsel Iris. But it’s not like Mary knows everything (you evil bitch).

At last Zak convinces the menopausal pregnant truly scary Iris to see a Real Doctor, and the news is actually pretty good!

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The desultory longing goes on…

And now it’s time to return to the drudgery of everyday life in mid-century Scottsdale, where it still manages to snow at least three times each winter, just so Dolly can wear her stupid winter hat…

Looks like Mommy got a good start on the New Year by making sure the melonheads know where her limitations are…

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Mark continues to doubt Dr. Camel’s Good Intentions…

…and then, this happens!!!

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Well, nothing has been said about finishing up this current storyline (and Mark misses out on the family holidays yet again), but dang it, he has things to do! People to educate! Cool things like that! And if the story wraps up rather quickly, I’ll be blaming Dr. Camel anyway!

And again I say unto thee: “YEAH, RIGHT!”

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