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When Big Daddy Bil sneaks out on a weekend afternoon, Mommy Thel is left at home, not only with the melonheads:

but also with her judgmental lady visitors:

(That saguaro picture is particularly confusing, too.)

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Because “OK, Boomer” is just a lazy-ass comment. At least try to make it a little creative…

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…Dawn and Wilbutt are still nattering at one another! At least they have the decency to contain it in their condo, as opposed to the scrupulously maintained, beautiful surroundings of Charterstone…where NOBODY CARES!

So it’s Valentine’s Day (even in Santa Royale, I suspect), and Dawn sends Wilbutt on his merry way:

And then the feckless adult daughter invokes the Dark Spirits of Charterstone itself!

NEW ADVENTURE! (yeah. right.)

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…the Plugger was ordering a pizza. And garlic bread. And Diet Coke. Using his landline phone (yes, the one you see here)…

I’ll admit that I got some amount of commentary for the above strip being very, very dark (I really didn’t expect that at all…maybe because I think of CC readers as being fairly dark anyway).
I’m hoping that this one is more palatable. There’s not really much to make of it, other than I think Claude Cat is seriously underused, and I want to make sure he can shine a little.

And, yes, I have succumbed to the occasional bargain, and spent a long time looking for a restroom.

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Rex’s new patient, an old stove-up rassler. Unfortunately the coot is passing himself off as nobility. This won’t sit well with some folks, I’m afraid.

This is coincidences week here in Morganville. Craziness upon craziness!

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And Billy just likes to think of ways that he can succeed in reducing the number of excess siblings:

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Tina Wood, from FB’s Readers of the Comic Curmudgeon, was none-too- eager to say goodbye to Libby the Cat (or a reasonable facsimile, as seen in a recent meme). I snorted!

And to add to all of this good, persistent stuff, another ROTCC reader got an on FB, selling a leopard-print cat mat from Amazon…just like Libby’s. Of course, Libby wasn’t modeling it, but I fixed that. Heh.

While I was at a loss to determine which online seller might have these, several folks offered Coke-coming-out-of-your-nose options:

We is so funny!

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Hey! We were promised a new story with that old guy and his dog (then again, this is Wilbutt and Dawn…)

But wait! There’s MORE!


Can no one stop the madness??

I guess Hugo has some brains to go along with those looks:

You know? I think I’ve finally figured this out…the “new story,” with the old guy who adopted a new dog some time ago (months, years, decades — it hardly matters), was merely delayed a week so everyone who is so invested in the Dawn et Hugo lovefest can keep abreast of their long-distance courtship!

Like anyone cares!

Perhaps this Sunday strip (or part of it) will lead to something new. Or different, at least. And, there was no sign of Mary this pas week.
This is called a Small Miracle, folks!

Even these losers have their limits…believe it or not!

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By bats | February 2, 2020 - 3:33 pm
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…how Scoopy is dealing with the wave of “healthy” food choices.

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