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Saul Wynter and his dog reappears (not particularly difficul, since they both live at Charterstone), and it seems they’ll be fostering a difficult teeaged relative. I don’t know where I might be taking this, but does Moy have much of an idea, either (and she’s getting paid for it!).

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The Phantom keeping his clothes on while continuing to hallucinate, Andy the dog stranded miles and miles from Lost Forest, the Melonheads continuing to be Melonheads, and Mary having to deal with a frustrated Toby and/or a lonely old Saul Wynter and/or a snotty teenager?

Nope, I don’t know, either. But a Phantom/Mary Worth mashup will do for the meantime.

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I swear I have no idea what Henrietta was wearing, with all the frou-frou on it. I’m pretty sure it might’ve been a pair of Crocs once I’d finished with it though. Oh, well…

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I don’t know if “deepy” is a word. If we’re at the Keane Kompound, it probably is.

And for us Aurilophiles (or “Libby-lovers”), since it’s nearly a sure bet that we won’t be seeing her in the next Mary-Worth Saga…

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David Hurst, one of the folks at FB’s Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon, did an absolutely, knock-down, platinum take on this new story. (So it refers to a comment Jared had made once…who cares? this is golden!)

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…and just perhaps a new story for Res Morgan, Mary Worth, and even Mark Trail. What will the future hold?!??
Okay, maybe not so hot…

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…on suddenly-happy-but-still-craving-attention Dawn by finding someone new to amble around Charterstone.

This may only be a May-December friendship, but no one could even speculate on the Mary-Dawn catastrophe was…

And just when you think Dawn was headed for the thing that is Jared:

But not to worry….someone is always lurking in the cattails…

And, although you didn’t hear it from me, but I think we’re at the end of “Dawn Falls in Love (no, I really mean it this time)”…

Nope, Dawn is still there, pawing at Mary.


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…into the summer season…Happy Memorial Day, folks!

And you know, no matter what Dolly is told, she’s going to screw up the story again…

The Keanes are apparently anti-vaxxers, for man and beast alike…

Meanwhile, home-schooling is serving Billy well…he’s learning the art of negotiation!

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…this story is never going to end.

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The Keanes have a FUNNY one-panel comic. The dialog is right, the drawing’s right (PJ looking a little hesitant as how all of this is going to play out)…how can one improve it?

Okay, I REALLY considered leaving it alone, but you know, that’s just not me.

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