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Well, what did you expect, Abby?

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What if dogs could talk?!???
Who cares? They’re at least as interesting as their geriatric owners…

Oh, just FINE! Saul is seeking out Mary Worth for advice…and you know it’s serious when he ditches Greta to go see Mary!

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A distasteful semi-privatePDA involved Edda and Amos (and a mango, apparently) in front of their twins, but that seems to be a thing of the past, or yesterday, or something…

Wait, there’s more!

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Wow, Thel isn’t the only one who the Melonheads drive nuts.

And you just live with it, Jeffy…

Meanwhile, little Billy worries too darn much!

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Looks like Chunky Buck is heading for Diabeetus-land, and Rex is just the man to break the bad new to him.

Of course, not before Rex and June can get down to gettin’ down! Who cares about the ‘rona? Rex is a Doctor!

BACK TO THRILLS AND EXCITEMENT! Rex cannot say enough about the perils of diabetes, but he keeps trying!!

There’s nothing to say that you can’t have a milkshake at breakfast (fond members of the Zephyr restaurant in Chicago…which also served milkshakes by the PITCHER!!!)

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Time for a fabulous Nethen’s hot dog treat…

Because “nethen” beats one (or two)…

Good lord…how long does it take to eat a hot dog?!??

And now for a little jaunt to Santa Royale’s premier mall, minus the pups. But it’s also kind of a surreal day…

This little episode just keeps getting weirder and weirder…

And how will Saul and Eve reconcile, following he misbegotten shopping excursion?

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How excit…well, maybe not…

Still, there’s SO MUCH to plan for!

And because it’s HER COMIC, Mary happily interrupts to cogitate on the New Year as she prepares a fine dinner, no doubt for those who would more appreciate it…herself!

(And Ga-ga has a difference Rilke quotation, in case you were wondering.)

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…when one of the Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon ask, “Wouldn’t it be nice (no, it wouldn’t) if the Jules ball (from the new abortion that is Mark Trail) rolled into Mary Worth and livened things up?” I don’t know if it’d liven things up, but I’m willing to give it a try.

And sort of a trip back to the ’70s, when Mary came to Santa Royale to manage Charterstone, and was apprised of all the “don’t”s of the place…like no pets, no children, and I suspect no one that failed the WASPy look, either…

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Tommy remembers who Mary Worth is! (Geeez, when even Tommy realized how lame spending time with Brandy is…)

Yes, big bag o’ Ravioli is a little out of Mary’s wheelhouse, so what else could it be?

Mary’s generosity blooms even more this time of year, with a offering of a big ol’ slab of holiday blueberry cobbler!

And then, all the good will goes south…

…and familiarity begins to breed contempt…

And then, the story never, ever ended…it just went on and on.

See? SEE??? I told you it never ended!!!

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Well, if it isn’t the Spencers, from Judge Parker! To be honest, I lost interest in this strip after the mass “Breast-Reduction Surgeries of ’17” (new artist, new writer and all), and it seems that it’s turned into a comedified War and Peace. There are times, however, when it’s worth slogging through all. the. words (look at all of ’em!)…

Hey, look….it’s the genuine Judge Parker himself…and having a lousy holiday season, too!

All we have to do now is wait…

Looks like Sophie’s off to college, but not bidding her dead old grandpa a fond farewell…

In retrospect, it’s a good thing that Abby only ADOPTED the girls…

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