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Could it be a new Kitty Cop book in the mail? One written by her? Not that June is excited or impressed…

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…or something. (And I appropriated this from several Curmudgeons, too!)

They may be Catholic, but evolution is longer than 6000 years…

Jeffy could’ve been a superhero, only he’s just too damned stupid.

Thel’s a little slow the first thing in the morning, but after that first cuppa joe…WATCH OUT!

You know that’s the sweat shirt that fits Big Daddy to a T…

Looks like Mommy and Daddy needed an out tonight…

to be honest, Dolly, we’ve promised this for Jeffy’s trousseau.

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Where Wilbutt is concerned, it’s always a dumb-ass notion…

The Wind-up… (The rolling eyes was actaully done by June Brigman! I am not making this up!)

And a little something that can fit into any tight spot…

Vetting the vet…

Mission accomplished (aka, “There Is No God”).

Home again, Home again to start abusing Pierre!

How exciting! It could only be moreso if Pierre got carsick!

It’s a bright and sunny Monday…welcome to HELL, Wilbutt!

And, of course, Wilbutt chooses to engage in a battle of wits…with a dog.

So Wilbutt decides to reason with Pierre in lofty speech…

He just has to remember “No Deposit No Return”…

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Could be pickles. Could be pasta sauce. Could be mayo. the list is endless.

Different dreams for different people.

Donut Days. Simple, and yet delicious (and so close to my heart).

As the seasons change…

Hey. Crime can happen at any age…

And there are times when a college education just will not allow you to pair a dog offspring with a kangaroo parent…

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…although Estelle would probably have to hire a front-loader to move Wilbutt’s obese carcass. (Someone on the Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon actually suggested that I had a Dark Side).
What? I took him that long to discover it?!??

So now it’s El Dumpo Weston wandering about, pitying himself because that’s about all…

Wilbutt makes the ultimate sacrifice and TALKS to another person! Is he a saint, or what?!??

OMG! Saul is STILL talking to Wilbutt!

On to She who Sees All, Knows All, and Tells All…especially if you perk up and watch yourself!

How can Wilbutt resist?!??

Good thing it’s market day…at least if you’re Wilbutt.

Don’t forget the Tough Love, Mary!

It’d be cool if Wilbutt decided to court Eve. And Saul and/or Greta beat the crap out of him.

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Or, fun bits while we’re waiting for somebody to poke Moy with a stick and wake her up (not that the plot will progress).

Someone suggested Mary loses her powers of persuasion and suggest she and Wilbutt visit the animal shelter. Mind you, Mary is ALWAYS in control:

There was some discussion that Libby be trained, and that squirting her with a spray bottle of water might work. Yea, right, like that will make her behave…

And where is Mary anyway? She’s blissfully absent from Estelle and Wilbutt’s walk in the park…but then, Labor Day was just a day or two away, and that always takes Mary’s conentration and work!

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