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…absolutely top-notch, first-rate artwork from the folks penning Prince Valiant these days (up to and including the usual toss-away panel):

This is beautiful!! Of course, I end up doodling around with it (ah, the good old days of the Phantom and the Spirit Lioness!):

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Poor Mark! To come home, only to have a cougar squatting on the front porch AND discovering that Rusty is smart (sort of) enough to read the comics. Will the horror never end?

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By bats | August 23, 2019 - 6:12 pm
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This has been a really boring adventure for Rex and the family, the usual scammers cheating the usual dupes. Ah, well, if Rex is going to be MIA, at least the story arc will be an abbreviated one.

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and during the conversation, it was discovered that this panel goes back at least to 1972! Yes, the Keanes are a lazy lot! It was also noted that Billy’s head was a tad on the burger side, not until the day when Big Daddy Bil order burgers for the kids…because they didn’t deserve any better! I guess if Barfy and Sam had been there, Billy and Co. would’ve gotten a can of Alpo.

You may as ‘fess up to it, Daddy Bil…you’re one slacker father.

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and that’s all that matters! I didn’t have a good idea for this, I just wanted to see the Melonheads, all tired and exhausted, getting dragged along the beach….

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…we had pleasure in the sun. But as the time grows closer, it looks as though Dawn may be losing Hugo…

They’ve been prolonging their time in the ocean (the filthy, filthy ocean) not that it’s likely that the couple will stay together.

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…when you come home from a business trip…or even a vacation!…and wish you could sit back and relax….

….and you don’t even know where Rusty is.

(There was all sorts of neat action with an ol’ grizzly and a mama cougar and her baby while Mark was coming home from Arizona, too!)

And I think I forgot to welcome Mark home!

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…one of those days, and sometimes you can’t get away from them.

(But sometimes it’s kind cute….)

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…but it’s a pretty good still life for the funny pages!

Now clean up this mess, Marie. You haven’t forgotten how to clean up the kitchen already, have you, Marie?

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