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Clueless, but honest.  And possibly alcoholic.

New Rex

Dang, but I LOVE REX!

New Rex


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What’s more “meh” than a Mary Worth storyline?

A Mary Worth storyline that’s pretty well devoid of Mary Worth…

New MW

OTOH, Mother Elinor does have a point:

New MW

Now, on to dinner! And maybe — just maybe — Beth gets a glimpse of Her Life To Come:

New MW 2

And if she’s a little slow on the uptake, here’s Chance #2:

New MW 3


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… newish comic strip with an oldish character.

New JP

Can I keep up this relentless pace?  I can try!

New JP

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The bargain has been struck, and soon, li’l Sarah will be a published author! And illustrator!

It could only be better if she’d made a deal with the Dev–wait, what?

New Rex

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Everyone has quirks, and Josh F., blogmeister of The Comics Curmudgeon, is no exception.  What peeves him about the comic strip Shoe (well, one thing) is the Goggle Eyes of Horror that occasionally show up in the final panel of a strip, supposedly a reaction to a joke or a pun, but giving the appearance of out-and-out terror (he explains it so much better: ).

An example:

Goggle Eyes

I think Josh may be over-reacting. Here, I think he looks more like Simon’s Cat than the victim of Cuthulhuesque terror:

Josh Goggle Eyes

So I’m just going to pat him gently on the han–


New Luann




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New MT

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Mark is hot on the trail of otter poachers!  Doncha just hate it when other things get in the way?

New MT

Why do I have this uncomfortable feeling that the otters may be taking things into their own hands paws?

New MT 2

And then you realize that the otters are perfectly justified…

New MT



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…when it can affect both Rex (Dr. Oblivious) and Cayla (I married Les Moore — how can it be worse?) alike.

Lovecraftian horror


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…why do you hate your Grandma so?  The carnage continues, on a physical scale…

Not Keane 262


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