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Honest to gosh, Rex was trying to justify Honey’s “drop the towel” routine as a stripper’s way of thanking people.  Seriously.  (I think June would’ve been tearing his nose off rather than getting all cutesy with him, if that were the case.)

I think the ‘fixed’ dialog is closer to the mark.


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(After you admire the lovely illustration and coloring of this particular strip)

The sublime:

And the ridiculous:

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I think it’s something like “city boy who knows lots of big words and absolutely nothing about animal husbandry (other than the term “animal husbandry” makes him giggle like an eight-year-old girl because is sounds dirty).”

Yep, farmers with a one-cow herd regularly pound upon it because it improves productivity tremendously.  Ask any cow.

While we’re at it, maybe we can ask any mermaid (like the one in Pibgorn), or better yet, any surly sundae…

And a special shout-out to a lot of good folks at The Comics Curmudgeon who know far, far more about animal production, animal science, animal health science, and animal cookies than BMcE could ever hope to.


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Tiffany = Bad

Is that how it goes, Mr. Evans?  I swear, this would give my college Calculus class a run for its money!

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Or, at least not as dumb as he looks!

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…life returns to its normal wait for death for the residents of Charterstone.

We can only hope this new New York adventure for John Dill will be rewarding and exciting…IF HE LIVES TO SEE IT!!!

You know it.  I know it.  The ends of these storylines in Mary Worth go on for freakin‘ ever…


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I only mention it because it’s true.

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Rex Morgan continues to astound and astonish with another winning panel!

Fun all by itself:

Fun by infiltrating another comic (as noted by CC’s Uncle Lumpy!):

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The gestures! The expressions! Today’s Rex Morgan, M.D.

Take One:

Take Two:

Take Three:

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