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…he pulls off the look so much better than this Little Monster.  Still, fly your flag, Jeffy!

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The horror that is Lizapalooza / Lizamania / Stalkerfest ’11 continues in Mary Worth!

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By bats | May 30, 2011 - 2:06 pm

A public service for folks who just don’t cotton to moustachioed, 30-something men as “juvenile delinquents.” (It’s not like that ‘s the only thing we have to suspend our disbelief for in Mark Trail…)

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…and we’re not talking about those “staycation” deals in Phoenix in the middle of summer!

(Thanks to mr. bats :[ for helping on this one, too!)

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By bats | May 28, 2011 - 5:29 pm

Did I mention that big ol’ gay Seth in 9 Chickweed Lane is being a jerk?  Hey, not only am I noticing this, but it seems so to everyone in the 9CL universe.


(Acknowledging that Brooke McE. draws some damned fine felines.)

Fortunately, it’s comforting to know that Solange isn’t just for big ol’ gay ballet dancers anymore!

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So when Cayla and Les agreed to “take a break,” it’s a hot time in the ol’ town tonight.

Eh, not so much.

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love is… is not on my reading list.  I try to avoid it at all costs?  Why? Because it’s saccharine, puerile, and badly drawn?

No.  Because it gives me ideas.   As opposed to the theme song of HBO’s True Blood, I do NOT want to “do bad things with you.”  Nope… I want to do bad things to you.”

The first is a given.  It really didn’t need to be dressed up for just about every commenter at CC to give the alternate caption, so this is dedicated to all of those fine folks.

No one commented on this one.   I’m pretty sure this strip has devolved into “Here’s your pistol. There’s the fish-filled barrel.  Knock yourself out.”

And pointing to your butt IS one way to say “bottom” (in this context) in ASL. No kidding!

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By bats | May 26, 2011 - 2:18 pm

I think if Lynn J. had stopped her strip instead of recycling it as My Ex is a Big Ol’ Dickwad FOOBlite, the population would’ve finally realized that Funky Winkerbean had skidded into its place a the Number One Dysfunctional and Not Funny At All (although we’re on the comics page) comic.

Is there any emotion generated for the character of Les other than contempt (and that’s being polite)?

On the other hand, you being an artiste and no doubt even a Special Snowflake among them, Les, you realize that the only thing that being talked about is not being talked about (some guy called Oscar Wilde said that.  He was a writer, too.).

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By bats | May 24, 2011 - 11:32 pm
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and it’s not fun.  Then again,  if I were Berna, and I’d just won the $6M lottery, I’m sure consulting a lawyer, even with the boring details of investing and annuities and stuff like that, would be sorta fun.

Berna’s expression in the last panel mystifies me, though…excitement? pain? rigor mortis?

P.S.  I’ve also decided that I want a copy of the Book of Genesis (the real deal) illustrated by R. Crumb.  No kidding!

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It seems is being subsumed by as of 1 June.  If you have an account at, it’ll tell you to punch a button for more information.  Apparently, it attaches one of its comic strips to make your information-gathering a little more enjoyable…

…so why the deuce did it bring up love is…, a strip I loathe, despise and detest?

Well, there’s remedies for that! (love is…a proposalBlargh. Yeah, right.)

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