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…close your eyes…

…take a deep breath and imagine the sounds of a fat man in a wetsuit trying to run away/being tackled.

Truly, life could only be better if–

New MT

And it looks like we’re winding down.  (Is Rusty still breathing?  Let’s find out!)

Not MT 338

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By bats | March 30, 2013 - 3:34 pm
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…hey, you gotta make ’em laugh.

Any way possible.

You’re welcome.

Not Love is 31

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New MW

You go, Dawn clone Beth!

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…particularly if it meant getting rid of Kit, Jr. (aka, “Diaper Boy”).

OTOH, this is a nice little ending.  I love the subtle difference between escaping and not getting away (BOOM vs. BOM, I think, but my Llongo is a touch sketchy).

New Phantom

(The nom nom nom communication was a last-minute inspiration.)

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The new old harridan at Charterstone, Elinor Kinley, has been likened to

Christopher Walken (a lot);
Peter Lorre;
Kelsey Grammer’s mom;
Steve Buscemi;
A Sith Lord (if not the Emperor);
The Scream;
The big-headed aliens in the pilot of the original Star Trek series (the one with Captain Pike…beeeeep!).


Today’s reminded me of Andy Serkis’ absolutely wonderful Gollum (as it did for CC’s Calvin’s Cardboard Box.  Yay! I’m not alone!).  I wish the rendition had turned out better.  Oh, well…on to other things.  (Still, it calls to me…)

New MW

Throwing in the towel on this…you win, Mr. Giella!

Elinore 2


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By bats | March 28, 2013 - 12:18 pm
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…my first thought was, “Hey, Rex’s next plot is going to focus on the history and the value of the USDA, keeping us safe with careful monitoring of our national food supply!”.

Then again, I think I could be equally happy with “June’s Little Bout with Ergot Poisoning”…

NOt Rex 492

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Mutant though he may be, that Rusty sure has great breath control (must be the gills/anaerobic respiratory system/whatever)…

Not MT 336

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Lu Ann’s good idea has been uncovered!   And Margo’s response should surprise no one who has a passing knowledge of Apartment 3G.  Nevertheless, it’s  good excuse for a little mental exercise — yeah, sure, it’ll be fun!

New A3G 3

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By bats | March 26, 2013 - 10:38 am
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New A3G 2

I realized that Tommie just stands there. I almost feel that something ought to be said about her, maybe for a word balloon to fill the expanse of turquoise and lime green in the lower left corner.

“So, that new hairdo isn’t attracting any more guys, is it?”

“Are you still a nurse or something? I think you leave the apartment sometimes.”

Bathroom, mule!”

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Over at our favorite NYNY apartment,  Margo walked off into the mist and then walked back (apparently), Lu Ann walked around Arlington National Cemetery and then returned (no mean feat there!), and Tommie just sorta stood there.

All the girls are together again for some new and exciting adventures! But first…

New A3G

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