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Another eon of Saul and Eve going on walkies…how dangerous could it be?

Plenty dangerous, if you ask me. Saul offers solace. Within reason.

The wretched 20-year-long marriage of Eve finally comes out…and that her awful husband died (yeah, right).

But let’s live for today! And Eve starts out by inviting Saul and Greta over for dinner!

After dinner, Eve opens up a little more to Saul (poor Saul!).

And even more opening up…

Good lord….will the opening up never end?!??

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By bats | January 23, 2021 - 10:18 pm
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…it’s Scoopy! (along with scads of other Bernie memes…)

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…I have NO idea what a “Homeric tip” is. Considering this skank has been masturbating on and over the back of the booth shared by that nerd Amos (and simultaneously with her boyfriend in her own booth, too), I can only imagine the obvious Homeric tip…

This week has been especially stupid (there. I said it.) It was only salvaged by folks cutting off the last panel of the Friday strip (yes, it was that stupid) and someone commenting that it would’ve been improved, had Amos farted.
So I tried that, and yes, it worked! Thanks to Pat F. and Ed H.!

I’m fairly sure 9 Chickweed Lane could be distributed in high school Sex Education classes as a deterrent…

The little bistro so near home is really a hot spot. Or maybe it’s just a cheap rendezvous place, away from the kids.

Can’t the restaurant get a restraining order or something?

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Well, what did you expect, Abby?

It’s a lovely autumn day, and Abby is certain that the Mayor will find a way to throw her in jail for burning down HER OWN BnB! Can no one come to her aid? Is all hope lost?!??

Remember when Sophie was such a mopey, self-absorbed teen? She’s still a teen, but she’s developed a whole new optimistic attitude…how refreshing!

And Abby thought things (aside being convicted of arson) were going so well…

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What if dogs could talk?!???
Who cares? They’re at least as interesting as their geriatric owners…

Oh, just FINE! Saul is seeking out Mary Worth for advice…and you know it’s serious when he ditches Greta to go see Mary!

And even with decades from high school behind her, Mary remains an ardent cheerleader…

One of the cool folks at FB’s Readers of the Comcs Curmudgeon has introduced “Mary Worth Without Humans.” My humble offering: “Smoked Salmon Soliloquy”:

I finally placed the face (come on, you knew it rang a bell…)

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By bats | January 14, 2021 - 2:14 pm
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A distasteful semi-privatePDA involved Edda and Amos (and a mango, apparently) in front of their twins, but that seems to be a thing of the past, or yesterday, or something…

Wait, there’s more!

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Wow, Thel isn’t the only one who the Melonheads drive nuts.

And you just live with it, Jeffy…

Meanwhile, little Billy worries too darn much!

And in the bliss of Inauguration Day 2021, Everyone gets into the act, including Bernie Sanders and his Vermont mittens (no, I am not making this up):

That Jack Frosting…what a character (and yes, I was thinking of things so much worse).

Introducing the newest “Keane Kid,” Pluggo, the Fire Hydrant…

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Looks like Chunky Buck is heading for Diabeetus-land, and Rex is just the man to break the bad new to him.

Of course, not before Rex and June can get down to gettin’ down! Who cares about the ‘rona? Rex is a Doctor!

BACK TO THRILLS AND EXCITEMENT! Rex cannot say enough about the perils of diabetes, but he keeps trying!!

There’s nothing to say that you can’t have a milkshake at breakfast (fond members of the Zephyr restaurant in Chicago…which also served milkshakes by the PITCHER!!!)

And things are going pretty well with Buck learning to change his entire life…

Ah, the miracle of modern medicine…and not having to deal with a fat, sweaty patient in person!

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Time for a fabulous Nethen’s hot dog treat…

Because “nethen” beats one (or two)…

Good lord…how long does it take to eat a hot dog?!??

And now for a little jaunt to Santa Royale’s premier mall, minus the pups. But it’s also kind of a surreal day…

This little episode just keeps getting weirder and weirder…

And how will Saul and Eve reconcile, following he misbegotten shopping excursion?

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