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Garbage Ape (see Heathcliff, 30 May 2013) may cavort in the land of humans, but he’d probably be much more comfortable in the land of his own kind, aka Sentient Talking, Clothes-wearing Beasts.

Or maybe not…

New pluggers

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By bats | May 30, 2013 - 1:01 pm
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Neddy’s friend Thalia’s husband Ross really and truly is kidnapped! This is no swindle? Why?  There’s a ransom note!

Oh, my gosh, and for the last week, Thalia’s been crying on Abby’s bodacious shoulder, because the kidnappers are planning to mutilate Ross each day that the ransom isn’t paid.  The fiends!

It started with fingers…

New JP

Oh Abby…nothing gets past you, does it?


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By bats | - 10:51 am

Yeah. Whatever.

New 9CL

So, this laff riot has been going on for months (maybe two weeks) with (1) gawking at Sven, (2) taking a chilly dip in the pond, and (3) Sven cannonballing into the pond.  Oh, don’t forget the witty Burber bon mots.

In other words–boring as hell.

Can anyone rescue us from these precious, precious pieces of Art?

YES!!! It’s none other than…

New 9CL

GARBAGE APE! (No, I am not making this up…check out  Heathcliff, 30 May 2013. I cannot explain it, but I’m awfully glad it happened…)



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It appears that all the Good Stuff (Les writing the screenplay for Lisa’s Slog and Darrin and Darrin’s Wife having a baby) in Westview is going to start tumbling down with the reappearance of the guy who knocked up Lisa the first time around — those in the know tell me the result was Darrin.  Like I care.

Of course, the absolutely non-riveting coverage of Les’ climb to OSCAR-hood featured his sad-sack mug, undoubtedly aiding Darrin’s baby-daddy in finding these twerps.  The question is:  if nothing had been mentioned of this, would Darrin’s daddy have been able to recognize Lisa’s knight in tinfoil armor?

I don’t think it would’ve been difficult…

New FW

Bio-Dad Frank calls Bio-Son Darrin, who has no interest in Bio-Interacting with him.  Nevertheless, Related-by-Marriate Jessica feels the need to yammer, nag and push Darrin to the point of no return. (Nice, Jessica.  Really, really nice.  Then again, it’s…)

New FW

As you might expect, this being Funky Winkerbean and all, the meeting between Derwood and Bio-Dad goes badly.  Bio-dad want to make a buck from a reality show that’ll feature bastard dad (figuratively) and bastard son (literally) reuniting happily.  Dagwood doesn’t go for it, and all sorts of aspersions are cast upon reality shows (wait to get an easy victory, Batiuiuiuik!).   As Dario storms out…


Yeah. Barf.

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By bats | May 28, 2013 - 10:56 am
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We don’t care that you used to be a Radio City Rockette back  in the ’00’s, Elinor (the 1900‘s) — you gotta take care of yourself!

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By bats | May 27, 2013 - 12:01 am
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The sweet kitty’s back!  And although it was a little tricky trying to figure out if she was yawning or yammering (in typical Siamese style), it’s likely the latter.  (Close captioning provided by Friends Like You.)

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By bats | May 26, 2013 - 11:59 pm
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…some people go out of town, some people have projects planned/promised to them, and some people just sit at their computers, waiting for the projects that never are realized. (Yes, I know of what I speak.)

At least my CC buddy queek is on a rapid learning curve with GIMP or PhotoShop or something equally wacky… (sadly, Mark must be our sacrificial lamb in the “traumatized for life” department).

New MT 2

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…when the only funny thing in a multi-paneled Sunday comic strip is one onomatopoeiac word (“FATWANG!”), and the silliness that it could engender.  Thanks to CC’s Artist Formerly Known as Ben for the inspiration.

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Thanks to CC’s queek, who can find the most amazing things…who knew The Keeper of Secrets had a kickin’ high school yearbook portrait?

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By bats | May 24, 2013 - 4:49 pm
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..and, unlike The Family Circus or For Better or for Worse, that can be a Good Thing!

New SF

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