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Do kids really get vicarious thrills these days from staying up late watching Jay or Jimmy or Conan or David? I think not.

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Dennis Mitchell’s menacing abilities have eroded severely over the years. Even at his worst, he doesn’t so much menace as irritate or, in some cases, peeve. But then Hogenmogen from CC noticed that just for a few lousy cookies, Dennis has resorted to roughing up sweet old Mrs. Wilson.

Lord knows what’s become of Mr. Wilson.

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By bats | June 29, 2008 - 4:17 pm
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This is a better day. I’m happy to report that Rex Morgan is doing a fine job without my help of jerking Max Mallory’s legal chain (check out the Sunday strip of 29 June): go, Rex, go!

Also after a brief power outage this afternoon, which required my having to reconstruct a couple of panels below, I think that I have a pretty funny one here. I have no idea where this story line is going, but as long as there’s Hawaiian shirts, I’ll put up with a certain amount of lawyer mumbo-jumbo.

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By bats | June 28, 2008 - 7:55 pm
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First, the Comics Curmudgeon site goes down mid-morning (and is currently staying there). Then, I put together a new Rex Morgan, only to hit the wrong button and have it vaporize; okay, it was pretty lame and fairly obvious as to what’s likely to happen in the plot (several of us are gunning for Max’s kid to be none other than “‘Dipstick’ Mallory, Track Star”), but poop, none the less.

So, who’s to blame? I say Elly Patterson! With Linda Bushka (or whatever the hell her name is) acting as insufferably pleased with herself as St. Elly, I think a martyrdom is in store…

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Aside from Billy’s head going super-nova, the “joke” here was him finding it weird that the word verb is a noun.



I like this so much better.

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By bats | June 26, 2008 - 10:29 am
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I think I mentioned that I really didn’t like Max “the Ax” Mallory. I won’t say anything more. Instead, I’ll let Rex and Andy taunt him unmerciful. Take it away!

But wait! There’s more!

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By bats | June 24, 2008 - 4:05 pm
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CC contributor Red Greenback, on the topic of Mary Worth screening her calls, guessed that after Dr. Jeff got done boo-hooing and whinging for forgiveness, the next call would be from Bob Weber, Jr., the Man Behind the (Slylock) Fox. So I guess this isn’t just a meeting of the second and third dimensions (Mary and Red), but the third dimension squared (Mary and Red and Bob)! Whew! I’m sure the space-time continuum is fraying somewhere.

And that phone message in Panel One? All Red Greenback goodness!

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…and not in an “Indiana Jones telling Belloq that his comments about their being kindred spirits” way. This was a whole Sunday spread (ahem). I only altered the last panel (okay, the title, too). It wasn’t much less creepy before I “fixed it.”

Yeah. ewwww

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Boy, I dislike Max Mallory, the legal nemesis in the current Rex Morgan story-arc. Whether it’s the Brillo-pad hair or the Charles Laughton lips (rivaling those of Liz Patterson — not an attractive look for a man), or the fact that this clown apparently would be willing to take God to court, I don’t know. Maybe because he just harangues and hassles Dr. Andy, who has enough problems.

So, if Rex has his IQ raised a few dozen points to combat the assholiness of Max the Ax, so be it.

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Artists for “Gil Thorp” changed a few months ago, and the new illustrator is coming close to perfecting his predecessor’s weird and impossible angularities, strange postures, and continuing, crappy athletic skills.

A few of the gents over at CC commented that one of the recent panels looked as though some “inspiration” had been drawn from Tom of Finland artwork (if you’re unfamiliar with Tom of Finland, you’re pretty much not a gay man, or you’re a gay man living in Carlsbad Caverns). Yow — they did indeed have a point, and oh, that the search for a new artist had continued. (Well, that’s pretty unlikely, as Tom died in 1991…you find the most interesting facts on the internet! At least I might’ve followed what-passes-for-a-plot-line in the strip more closely.)