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She’s back, and she’s apparently a Wonderful Archery Teacher…so how could this be trouble with a hoard of grade-schoolers and Luann?

Actually, I only snaked on this because the pissy “principal” of this after-school program can’ form whole sentences, or even partial sentences, or throw in an occasional part of speech.

So Luann got called on the carpet (just not a dirty red one, like Tara’s)….

I like how incompetent, etc., leaders are just shuffled around Kids 1st (like the LDS and Roman Catholic Churches, for starters…)

I guess it’s about time to be bored to tears with Bernice and what passes for romance.

And someone hasn’t scooped this sad-sack up yet?!?? Then again, she’d probably kill a pet rock (there ARE more important things in her life, you know…

It seems the storyline, such as it is, has something to do with Bornice’s love-life. Or lack of it. But we ought to keep in mind what a huge intellect she has…

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By bats | October 24, 2021 - 7:04 pm
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Yeah. Suck it, Wilbutt.

Awww, and now the little troll is making amends….

And now the little troll is failing miserably…

Great. Just what Estelle needs…

I’m guessing there’s nothing for Estelle to watch on TV, now that the H&I channel put “House” reruns on AFTER midnight!

Will they? Won’t they? Who cares?

Well, at least this looks a little detente-ish…

And then again, maybe not…

I did notice that … Who really cares abour hoomans blathering? What’s really important is sweet, innocent love…love that can take over the world!

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Carol has been talked into having dinner with Wilbutt. At this classy bistro, even the pianists get time off for good behavior…

Meanwhile, the time before the mousse shows up allow Carol and Wilbutt to get better acquainted.

Ah, what memories! Laughing over old stories that go back an entire WEEK!

Kinda makes you long for the Real Old Days…at least six months ago!

I’m sure two mature adults will find some shared interests.

And in case ANYONE considered WIlbutt suave and sophisticated…

Which all goes to prove…

And whether you want to or not, Wilbutt…time to say goodbye,

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Carol and Wilbutt spend HOURS at Dog Beach (the only people in Santa Royale without cable, I guess).

Meanwhile, life goes on for other Santa Royalians…

Will LOVE find Wilbutt Weston. It seems likely...or does it?

Not that Libby would have anything to do with this, if Carol’s machinations fall through…or would they?

And let’s not forget a blast from the past…and hope Wilbutt’s lousy luck continues unabated!

And Moy disappoints us all…

The all-important Dinner Date (minus the dogs)…

Of course, several Comics Curmudgeons were hoping for interesting interruptions:

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…and I’m doing you a favor. This prologue devolves into a talky-talky borefest. Be happy with this little bit, and go read something betters.

Strangely enough, BMacE swerves and spends some time with Edda and what is supposedly her spawn. The spawn has decided their mother is neither human nor mammal, but a chick.

And this was actually quite sweet, but nothing that can’t be snarked on.

Yeah, mystifying.

Do you want to see something really scary?

And now we’re in the middle of a Thorax-in-WWII story, doing sexy things. My gorge rises…

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Keep calm, Estelle..remember, you came out on the right end of the stick.

If it’s Sunday morning, it’s time for a reHASH!

Where does the weekend go? I guess you can just lose your sense of time among the dewormers and such…

Could the new week get any better?!??

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This, like the very irregular, Scoopy the Surly Sundae, are for those times when the daily funnies aren’t that. Or if we have a hankering to see one of our favorite characters, Libby herself!

But wait — there’s more!

Estelle is doing her best to stay under control and get on with her life.

And once again we find Wilbutt cliffside, but with some faithful animal friends!

a little celebration for Carol’s escape….

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Pierre has a little too much “energy” (which is French for “vandalistic tendencies”), so Wilbutt it’s a good time to take him to the Santa Royale Dog Park….what could possibly go wrong?

As I said, what could possibly go wrong?

And suddenly, love finds Wilbutt Weston (hahahahahahaha)

The plot thickens (and doesn’t even repeat too much, even on a Sunday!)…

REVELATIONS!!! What is this thing called a “chew toy?”

Still, Wilbutt remains skeptical of dogs needing chew toys, regular vaccinations, daily food, fresh water, etc.

And I can’t quite call Carol a doormat yet…I think she has lousy taste in speaking to random strangers in the park.

And even lousier taste in escoring random strangers OUT of the park.

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