By bats | October 1, 2021 - 11:17 am
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Pierre has a little too much “energy” (which is French for “vandalistic tendencies”), so Wilbutt it’s a good time to take him to the Santa Royale Dog Park….what could possibly go wrong?

As I said, what could possibly go wrong?

And suddenly, love finds Wilbutt Weston (hahahahahahaha)

The plot thickens (and doesn’t even repeat too much, even on a Sunday!)…

REVELATIONS!!! What is this thing called a “chew toy?”

Still, Wilbutt remains skeptical of dogs needing chew toys, regular vaccinations, daily food, fresh water, etc.

And I can’t quite call Carol a doormat yet…I think she has lousy taste in speaking to random strangers in the park.

And even lousier taste in escoring random strangers OUT of the park.

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