Believe it or not, Kit, Kit’s wife (I can never remember her name) and Savarna finally reach the Little House Behind the Waterfall (aka, Kit’s Fortress of Solitude, or something). And someone has beaten them to it!

Looks like Kit, Jr., is all growed up and has to learn the meaning of “child support.”

The REAL illustrator for The Phantom is on medical leave (get well soon!)….that doesn’t mean his substitute should be doing screwy things to the strip—like having Kit SMILE! That’s just creepy!

The creepy smile is one thing. Botoxing Mrs. Phantom into her early twenties so she’s about the same age as Kit, Jr., is way more that just creepy…

“It’s over, isn’t it, Dad. Please say it’s over.”

Good Lord…he just keep going and going and going!!!!

And ANOTHER boring dream (from 2006 or something…):

Danger! Yep, we were expecting that. (I think the make-up attracts it, though…)

Who would’ve thought?!?? Kit, Jr., gets an upper hand on the bad guy (actually, Devil played a huge part)…

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Meanwhile, could Kit really be dead? Could his son be disavowing any knowledge of him?

The end(?) of Mozz’ tale of boredom:

Kit’s off to do something heroic, when he’s visited by a flaming skeleton. Hijinks ensue.

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Just a little something to consider for a future Ghost Who Walks and doesn’t want to give up his favorite specs or his facial hair…

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…why does she allow apartments in Charterstone to be subletted when the owners are out of town. This could make for some embarrassing situations…

Even trying to relabel Charterstone’s apartments of absentee tenants as “rehab failities” still proved a failure for Mary…

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At least our boy is growing up.

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And yet, somehow the nonsense that Heloise is writing meshes perfectly with the nonsense that controls every breathing moment of Amos and Eddas’s lives…

And in the slightly alternate Phantom universe (that is, the story on Sunday is different — YES! I KNOW! — from the story that transpires during the week)….

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It was family stuff (read, boring). Evidently a new character will be added, maybe a future daughter-in-law for Kit. I don’t know. I was trying to sleep, too.

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By bats | June 3, 2020 - 6:02 pm

The Phantom keeping his clothes on while continuing to hallucinate, Andy the dog stranded miles and miles from Lost Forest, the Melonheads continuing to be Melonheads, and Mary having to deal with a frustrated Toby and/or a lonely old Saul Wynter and/or a snotty teenager?

Nope, I don’t know, either. But a Phantom/Mary Worth mashup will do for the meantime.

Kit’s been having a rough time; evidently the Spirit of Past Phantoms has been haunting him and telling him what a crummy job he’s done with his kids, his legacy, and so forth. Yeah, YOU try doing this in a purple leotard and striped undies-on-the outside!

While this has freaked out Kit at the beginning, there only so much crap anyone can deal with, even as the crap grows higher and deeper:

We just can’t leave Boney McBones hanging, can we?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Kit’s leaving anytime soon. Maybe his host is lonesome…

And then some folks suggested that Boney Marony ought to start terrorizing other people (and critters). I figured going after Wilbut Weston would be too easy…

I don’t know if Kit is attempting to fight back, or if he’s just letting his Ghost with the Most set the scene.

It looks like Kit is being pretty smart and heading for the exit. Whether he succeeds is anyone’s guess (and Devil doesn’t seem confident).

What a frightening week it’s been! Kit has been harassed and harangued by a gruesome apparition…and you know what the most terrifying thing of all is?

You guessed it: those sad ‘n’ sorry saggy purple tights worn by Old Man Phantom!

Oh, boy! I think we’re finally free of the Haunted Forest of Llongo, and Kit and his buddies (and his dog. and his horse, and an elephant!) are heading to a safe place!

And yet, Guran feels the need to tell Kit the secret of the Llongo Forest, and Kit feels the need to question why he keeps hanging around the Llongo people to start with:

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I have no idea what’s going on in The Phantom…okay, long story short:
Kit and Devil found the wounded lion; Kit put it down mercifully (the lion didn’t go down without a fight). Kit and Devil ate the lion’s heart to honour it, as Llongo warriors do; Devil went to sleep beside the lion’s carcass; he and Kit slept through the night; Kit woke up the next morning to find the lion gone…and now it’s back!!
(I’m speculating that something hit Kit on the head (coconut?), and this is a hallucination…)

There was also a beautiful panel of Devil sleeping beside the lion…some thing just can’t be parodied.

An attempt to find the dead lion turns up nothing (hint: don’t go “soakin” at any place with Forbidden in its name, Kit)…

I knew nothign good was going to come from a long “soak”; you can be a realy jerk, Kit.

Someone has been lurking around Phantom’s little lagoon o’ laziness!

Ah, Man’s best friend (who gets cheesed off at back-handed compliments):

My Gosh! The Phantom keeps wandeding…will the madness never end?!??

No, I guess not.

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