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it was needed.

Is this just too much to hope for? Happiness for the Forths?!??

Along with a few that are just here for the ride…

(I’d never do this to Opal and Earl Pickles, by the way…)

If Gasoline Alley wants me to believe that there is a 150+ year-old patriarch still breathing and running this comic strip, I’ll just have to believe that there’s a talking bear.
I DON’T have to believe that the bear’s a vegan, though…

This is a very simple and plain ol’ hysterical little panel from Jeff Gilligan on FB’s Comics Curmudgeon group. It is just swell:

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Other issues, more or less having to do with dogfighting, take some folk’s priorities…

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Thank heavens that Mary is so empathetic and consoling and stuff…

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eventually you’ll get a 9 Chickweed Lane with a CAT!!

Meanwhile, back of the beach:

Things happen on the beach (or in the water), and Edda’s too vacuous to understand without an explanation:

And then there’s issues with music critics…

And this illustration leads us to wonder…if it’s not a kiss, is she swallowing his tongue, upper and lower bridgework, and chin? And why is this either entertaining (it’s a comic strip) or romantic (other than just plain eccchy?!??

And a PSA (ohpeaseohpleaseohplease) for the end of Thorax:

It IS 9 Chickweed Lane, after all:

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