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When conversation is this turgid, we ought to just be adult about it and suck it up — it’ll past soon enough (although in Mary-land, that could take three weeks).

However, our intrepid illustrator attempts to interject some interest with unusual angles  and perspectives.

My advice on that? Don’t.


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Yes. Pray for for Beth. And Rusty. And little Rustina, too.  This will not end well.


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I think the serial comic strips are at their best when the title characters are present:  Mary Worth with her stern self-righteousness,  Rex Morgan with his latex gloves, Mark Trail with his Dildo-lens, Judge Parker with…something.

So when a title character is M.I.A., sometimes it’s best to invite one of the neighbors over:


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This was inspired by CC’s Poteet, who pointed out that an oil spill is very likely NOT a natural disaster.  Mark just gets a little confused on occasion…


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And you think you’re fed up with local politics…


…especially when they’ve already managed to reproduce:


On the other hand:


And let’s not forget:


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Frank Johnson actually refers to his big-game wildlife hunt as a possibility of scoring some large racks.



The coolest thing about this current story is that Frank’s wife is really pissed off at his plans for the canned hunt, and instead of just fretting at home, she’s taking action. You go, girl!


And like we’ve learned from Mary Worth and Rex Morgan and Mary Worth, alcohol isn’t the answer.

Alcohol is the question.

“Yes!” is the answer.


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Rex!  Rex! What is it? Does it have something to do with the current storyline?!


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The informant still eludes the Morgan Clinic:


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Mostly to poke at A3G‘s continuing “I Dressed in the Dark” reality show and Calya’s (from Funky Winkerbean) sad, sad attempt to keep Les interested in her (yes, I said it was sad).

Even after the begin IDITD reveal, Tommie really doesn’t look much better than this.



Oh, no she didn’t…!

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