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I guess people flock to June because she has a kind face. And isn’t a complete dunce like Rex.

June CANNOT catch a break; on the other hand..

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It’s time for a little gerontology!

Kinda like an annual prostate exam…

As Tildy experiences a medical emergency on the way to the hospital…

Given Rex’s wearknesses, it could be Tildy, or Mary Worth…

And don’t you figure that Rex’s leisure time will be spoiled by some big, fat, no-talent talent?!??

While June cleverly absents herself from this train-wreck of has-been singers, Rex does the best he can!

Still, Rex is not easily deterred (mo’ money! mo’money! mo’ money!).

Mud was faking his heart attack/diarrhea blowout/attempt to play as the headliner! If that’s not bad enough, Rex works hard to preserve his medical image…

Rex’s true calling…

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So a bogus art teacher is attempting to blakmail the Morgan…whatever will they do?!??

Excitement builds (then again, this is Rex Morgan…)!

New Adventure! Comic Book creator’s wife has a baby! Sarah angles for another baby in the house!

Hey, Sawah…don’r you have schoolwork or masturbation or something to keep you occupied?

How about some interest (yeah, yeah, curb your excitement) for Rex’s new patient…a vigilante? It’s the Street Sweeper! (How stupid is that???) Even the other ne’er-do-wells in Morganville think this is lame.

Could it be these thugs are more interesting than Morgan and Family? Quite possibly.

When the “Street Sweeper” sends the bad guys running, he has to find something…or someone…to keep his hard work noticeable to John Q. Public…like a drunk planning on DRIVING!!!

Drunks are more fun to deal with than dyed-in-the-wool thugs!

It’s always Monday somewhere…

Most folks don’t realize how sympathetic and caring Rex really is…

It’s tough being a low-life thug…

I mean it!

Time to call DR. REX MORGAN!!

Dr. Morgan always knows the correct response…

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Estelle finally succumbs to Wilbutt’s charms, or at least his check book.

Wow…some REAL cruising plans!

And just think what will happen when they get back from their cruise…

Meanwhile, the farewells just keep on coming…

The cruise is just SO exciting, especially the cough-wrapped melon slices!

Brunch AND mid-morning kakaoke!

Back at the old homestead!

And then, back at the old COVID reservoir!


Of course, neither Wilbutt nor Karen Moy, master story-teller, will accept the answer, but for one brief, shining moment, we can say, YES! YES! YES!

And Tina Wood of FB’s RotCC suggested this fall-down and swallow-your-tongue-it’s-so-funny (I tweaked the Photoshopping part a bit):

Y’know, Tina’s is just funnier:

And for those readers who hope beyond hope that Wilbutt meets up with Sailing Songstress Esme (she was on a cruise that I missed in 2017):

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…but it was at a nearby parking garage and it didn’t disrupt the roof-top wedding of one of the staff at the Morgan clinic. The guests have gone downstairs for the dinner reception and the cutting of the cake, and that’s when things go kablooey! (Priorities, you know…)

I’ve been avoiding Rex Morgan for a long time because of its boring plots (such as they are)…but who doesn’t love a good, no-holds-barred wedding?

Yup. After all these years, Rex remains a hopeless twit, only managing to outwir his lame offspring.

Another day, another return to suburban hell:

Twp old “buddies” meat meet up…

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By bats | November 8, 2021 - 10:27 am

Maybe a few more possibilities for therapy wouldn’t hurt, either.

While we’re thinking about food…

The saddest part of this particular comic is realizing how many BIG shopping malls that I grew up with in the Phoenix area (Metrocenter and Thomas Mall) and the surrounding areas (Los Arcos, Tri-City) are no longer there…gone, baby, gone.

Merely an obervation…

Some folks like loose change, some folks like facial hair, and ‘evry gal’s crazy ’bout a fluffy-lookin’ ‘stache!”

It’s always something. Usually smelly, too.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone near and far, Plugger and those-in-training!

And as we head into yet another Covid variant, we remember the Good Auld Days…

The times we live in.

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Could it be a new Kitty Cop book in the mail? One written by her? Not that June is excited or impressed…

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Sarah Morgan LOVES the Kitty Cop series of graphic novels (Daddy Rex couldn’t give a damn.). Nevertheless, she wrote a fan letter to KC’s aurthor, and we’re in for shenanigans…yeah, right.

Is that filthy lucre the Morgans smell?

Come on…it’s not that big a problem to cogitate!

In these rough times, a two-income salary is barely enough…

Looks like it’s a Go for Sara’s partnership with a comic book guy. And they guy’s wife is pregnant….so much going on in Morganville! (With stupid ideas like this, though, you’d think it would be coming from Rex himself…)

Meanwhile, the no-longer-genius Sara is having trouble coming up with a pen name. (For some reason, she rejected “Snotty-nosed Brat”).

Eureka! Sara has a pen name!

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…and Buck’s missing it entirely (a tRump-style lunch at the local greasy spoon can’t hurt, can it?)

Boy, howdy, Beatty is foisting off all the writing work on Rex’s mythical, no-talent daughter Sarah…

Another week, and the creators of this comic STILL can’t come up with anything funny/amusing/less obvious….

All the Sarah fantasizing and pandemic in Morganville is over, and the usual ennui is back in place…

Yet, Rex does his best to make Big Plans…

We’re now investigating the world of graphic art book publishing (read, $$$ comic books), and even its creators can have writers’ blocks…

Now for the important stuff: making the best of a stupid, Zoom wedding without a free reception!

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Looks like Chunky Buck is heading for Diabeetus-land, and Rex is just the man to break the bad new to him.

Of course, not before Rex and June can get down to gettin’ down! Who cares about the ‘rona? Rex is a Doctor!

BACK TO THRILLS AND EXCITEMENT! Rex cannot say enough about the perils of diabetes, but he keeps trying!!

There’s nothing to say that you can’t have a milkshake at breakfast (fond members of the Zephyr restaurant in Chicago…which also served milkshakes by the PITCHER!!!)

And things are going pretty well with Buck learning to change his entire life…

Ah, the miracle of modern medicine…and not having to deal with a fat, sweaty patient in person!

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