By bats | March 18, 2024 - 5:43 pm
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And could Aunt Tildy? (It would be so much better than waiting hand-and-foot on her injured old wrestling husband, Count Andreyeaidntrv, or something like that.

…or Li’l Sara and her two imbecilic brothers! (This didn’t turn out any better when June allowed Rex to cook something.)

Okay, so it’s a drag we had to poison Candy the dog but it sure adds excitement to Rex and June’s dull lives!

“We paid for all these vet clinic sets, and we’re gonn USE them!”

Did she? Or didn’t she? I for one, do not care…

Whew! It looks like it’s all sunshine and rainbows and doggy-do bags at the Morgan Mansion again…

And it’s back to the hospital for Rex (“damn!” he thinks, “I’m always at the darn hospital!”)

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