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That’s our Mark!

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I think it started with Edda Burber (special snowflake from 9 Chickweed Lane) being contracted as a “butt model” for a clothing line (her fellow ballerina was contracted as a “face model” for the same company, as it was determined that Edda had a voice uniquely suited for radio).

Suddenly, Edda is contracted as a model for all of her bits.  Why? It’s my contention that when she’s flashing her breasts, butt, legs and/or hoo-hoo, no one’s paying one rat’s ass worth of attention to her face.

One of the faithful at the Comics Curmudgeon attempted to corroborate this theory thus:

Baka Gaijin, CC’s resident clown-o-phobe, wasn’t so sure.  Further testing was necessary. Hence:

I believe that the jury is still out, but I think the original clown is way, way cuter.

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It was a good year for seasonally-appropriate holiday greetings in the comics.  Even Mary Worth took a day off of her investigative sleuthing to serve Christmas dinner to her family as an imperiled missing child is about to be spirited away again by her kidnapper.

Really, Mary?


I would’ve expected you to be able to multi-task so much better than that.

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I guess there’s a lot to be said for being an invertebrate…

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What you do with it is your own business…

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…rainbow swirl is vastly over-rated.

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Still, physicians do what they can do…

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Or possibly P.U.


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The current Apt. 3-G story is making me itch, with the Linskis certifiably weird Family Values, Lu Ann’s own creepy family, and her actual hesitation to go through with the wedding because she actually is aware of all the ickiness surrounding it.

Of course, there’s nothing like a good scratch!

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Oh, yeah, he’s She Who Must Not Be Named’s husband…

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