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I think it started with Edda Burber (special snowflake from 9 Chickweed Lane) being contracted as a “butt model” for a clothing line (her fellow ballerina was contracted as a “face model” for the same company, as it was determined that Edda had a voice uniquely suited for radio).

Suddenly, Edda is contracted as a model for all of her bits.  Why? It’s my contention that when she’s flashing her breasts, butt, legs and/or hoo-hoo, no one’s paying one rat’s ass worth of attention to her face.

One of the faithful at the Comics Curmudgeon attempted to corroborate this theory thus:

Baka Gaijin, CC’s resident clown-o-phobe, wasn’t so sure.  Further testing was necessary. Hence:

I believe that the jury is still out, but I think the original clown is way, way cuter.

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