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…or at least a resolution to this storyline.  Is Kurt Wilbur’s son (it doesn’t seem likely)?  Who will spill the beans — Dawn, Kurt himself, or Acme Paternity Co.?

And most important — what will the ultimate fallout be?


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Wilbur and Kurt’s frolicking and gallivanting and gamboling cannot be contained in a single panel! on a single day!


Fortunately,  neither can the snark:


CC’s bourbon babe, unbuckled valiantly attempts to rescue the shenanigans by making it into a musical (good luck with that!):


Still, I am moved to compose…

You are “offspring” going on “boyfriend”
Here is another verse
Mary’s a loser, Aldo’s a boozer
At Charterstone you could do much worse!
You are “offspring” going on “boyfriend”
You’ve met poor, dowdy Dawn
Cameron’s got beer-gut, Toby’s a crackpot
Forget ‘em and climb right on!


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Cherry Trail playing coyly with a telephone cord while dialing 1-900-GOT-MARK.

June Morgan looking imperious (and down her nose, at the same time).

Mary Worth making a return to her own strip. Wilbur and Kurt.



Seriously.  WTF? True, this has been a gold-mine for snark fodder, and for sick and twisted mash-ups.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Whew.  Thank heavens weeks like this don’t come around every, uh, week.

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In the real Rex Morgan universe, Brook’s friend Skateboy Toots is still hiding out in the basement.  June insists on having a come-to-Jesus (or, come-to-June –yeah, they’re both about the same thing) talk with Brook.  And, of course, Rex listens intently.  Not necessarily comprehensively, though:


Since we’re apparently going to let Toots stay in the basement and subsist on dog kibble and dryer lint, June continues to grill Brook:


Even The Comics Curmudgeon himself, Josh, commented on June’s dominatrix-like appearance!  Truly, the panel is destined for, um…destiny:


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Quick! Let’s talk on the phone!


Because it’s so, so lonely out here…


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Oh, those wacky Dolly observations!

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There will be a Comics Curmudgeon Meet-up in the D.C. area on 22 May.  While I’m not likely to be in attendance, I can be their virtually, wearing my virtual commemorative t-shirt with virtual copyright-violating  snark on it.

(And yeah, the only reason this design jumped out at several CCers was the Sunday Mark Trail, in which the fact that Ceylon lorikeets sleep upside down like bats (I did not know that), was superseded only by the fact that when lorikieets get wasted on fermented fruit and palm wine (where do they get palm wine? Are there jungle liquor stores in Ceylon/Sri Lanka? Are those the little bottles like Bartles & James wine cooler come in, or are they more like 40-ouncers?), they develop little bubbles and wavies around their heads.  Too cute!)

Maybe this could be the little illustration above the pocket on the front of the shirt:


And this could be on the back  (I think both designs would look best on a “Mark Trail Khaki” shirt)  :


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By bats | February 21, 2010 - 11:54 am

So, Dawn Weston has successfully surfed the ‘Net and has discovered that Kurt Evans is some other guy’s bastard son.  Personally, I think blowing the lid off this scam is the only course of action, but hey, I don’t live in the same condo community as Mary, either…


Of course, allegiances in Charterstone come and go, and who might’ve been a nemesis one day could be a BFF the next.  (If Dawn turns into Mary Worth 2.0, heads will roll, however.)


Oh, well, nope, I guess not…Dawn is on her own:


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Peter Parker evidently fits this mold.  He needs to be out, snapping photos, swinging from tall buildings, fighting crime, chafing in embarrassing places.  Give him a few days of R&R, and he just falls apart.


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Things are heating up over in Morganville! YAY!


More, please!


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