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Sarah Morgan LOVES the Kitty Cop series of graphic novels (Daddy Rex couldn’t give a damn.). Nevertheless, she wrote a fan letter to KC’s aurthor, and we’re in for shenanigans…yeah, right.

Is that filthy lucre the Morgans smell?

Come on…it’s not that big a problem to cogitate!

In these rough times, a two-income salary is barely enough…

Looks like it’s a Go for Sara’s partnership with a comic book guy. And they guy’s wife is pregnant….so much going on in Morganville! (With stupid ideas like this, though, you’d think it would be coming from Rex himself…)

Meanwhile, the no-longer-genius Sara is having trouble coming up with a pen name. (For some reason, she rejected “Snotty-nosed Brat”).

Eureka! Sara has a pen name!

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What a catfight it will be! Well, maybe.. this IS Mary Worth, after all.

It looks like it’s gonna be something….

It’s just a dream…it can’t get any worse, right?

Fooled you, Drew! It was only a dream!

Unfortunately, this means you have to go to WORK! Why can’t he get a gig like Rex Morgan, M.D.?

Oh, how the complications are piling up!

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Sorry that it had to come from the Fambly Circus…

Dirty little kitchen secrets…

Go for the gusto, Billy!

What better way to waste the summer than being exposed to “DOLLYISMS”? A slow, painful death? well, maybe…

Even Jeffy is beginning to recognize when crap is being thrown…

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Yeah. Keep thinking that, Trashlee…

And maybe you’ll get over the fact that you stole his watch, too… (BTW, THIS is what happens when the schools don’t teach cursive writing!!!).

Can you believe it? I mean REALLY BELIEVE IT?!?? Trashlee comes clean!!!

Well, no. Not really…

Gosh. the reunion of Drew and his Rolex is nearly the stuff of legend (oh, yeah, Trashlee’s in there somewhere)…

Can this day at the People’s Clinic get any better?

Oh, YOU BET!!!!

The plot thickens (aka, Shauna’s Big Idea)…

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Yes, that tattoo was on the arm of a dirty biker type in Mary Worth (I am not making that up).

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Of course, Gunther won’t listen at all, the simp.

And you just thought it was another dull evening at work…

Meanwhile, at Gloomy Gus Manor…


Guess what? Tiffany’ NOT the villain!

What times are these when we find ourselves cheering for the villain?

They’re everywhere, Tiff. Everywhere.

At least Bets and Gunth are sitting at the same (and only) table…

Villain or not, Tiffany says what we’re all thinking and hoping for…

All’s well that ends for people we don’t care about…

Or maybe not…

Oh, who the hell cares?

Two weeks into the breakup, and it’s still crap.

More crap.

Please go away (Tiffany can stay, Gunth and Betas need to fall down a deep, dark hole)…

I think this dead horse is well and truly beaten, but I like to think that Tiffany has learned some great, usable thing that will allow her to far outshine the common creeps around her, like Gunth and Bets.

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