By bats | June 26, 2021 - 12:54 pm
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Sarah Morgan LOVES the Kitty Cop series of graphic novels (Daddy Rex couldn’t give a damn.). Nevertheless, she wrote a fan letter to KC’s aurthor, and we’re in for shenanigans…yeah, right.

Is that filthy lucre the Morgans smell?

Come on…it’s not that big a problem to cogitate!

In these rough times, a two-income salary is barely enough…

Looks like it’s a Go for Sara’s partnership with a comic book guy. And they guy’s wife is pregnant….so much going on in Morganville! (With stupid ideas like this, though, you’d think it would be coming from Rex himself…)

Meanwhile, the no-longer-genius Sara is having trouble coming up with a pen name. (For some reason, she rejected “Snotty-nosed Brat”).

Eureka! Sara has a pen name!

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