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Nothin’ like a boy and his singin’ window eels…

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And something particularly amazing…the December 25, 2016 SUNDAY Mary Worth (I was on haitus then, and I missed this great snark poential…until NOW!)

Back to our riveting story!

Hey, kid! What time is it?

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(Spoiler Alert: these next few strips promise to be singularly lousy ones, devoid of plot or much of anything out (isn’t Moy of retirement age, or something–and yes, I’m asking that seriously?).)

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My kind of folks…you’re absolutely right, Gary!

Agnathids…could be cunning primitive animals, or just yucky kind of beasts….

Occasionally, a Mark Trail 2.0 slips in…

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My Dinner with Kitty. And Sonia. And “Brad.”

And if THAT isn’t good enough (thank you, Snuffy Smith)…

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And maybe even he swirliest…

This is a quickie — evideantly The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician visit one another on occasion, or at least their characters do. And while there are some bodacious women in the Phantom’s realm, visitors can get stuck with others (Mozz: “Yoda,” in the Bandar tongue).

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Wilbur has it on a technicality, but the folks at Starlight Karaoke can still throw him out on his fat ass…

Then again, we could just leave Wilbur to his slobbery crooning and go with some hot wooing on the porch…

GOTCHA! You all thought it was Sonia, right?!?? (and now you can say, “Who the hell is that??”)


Pssst, Keith…don’t get distracted!

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