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…sorry, I don’t have a good intro. Just Dawn and Hugo, on a moonlight spin.

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…until she gets married?
Oh, hell, no, not if Dr. Dad has anything to say about it. It was bad enough agonizing over Brad!

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I haven’t paid attention to The Phantom because it was in the midst of some storyline (I think) of a kidnapping and a villainous female despot. Maybe he’ll have a talking chimp or a fierce lioness or that strange little guy who wears a lampshade for a hat in the next one. In the meantime, I’ll just let him relax…or maybe not.

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…it appears that Funky Winkerbean’s current story, with its hard-livin’, fast-shootin’ chimp Zanzibar, is going to end with a typical whimper, rather than a bang. And because we don’t see Bucky Katt too often, but that he really has monkey pegged.

In case you cared (I really didn’t), evidently Zanzibar’s owner (aka, “Father”) took him, and the two of them disappeared in the broken lights that were Hollywood failures. I thought owner and chimp should’ve toughed it out in Tinsel Town; after all, talking critters like Francis the mule, Shirley Temple, and others did have successful screen careers. Then again, Edward G. Robinson had a great agent, and it’s very likely that in any role that came up between him and Zanzibar would likely have gone to the short, squinty-eyed character.
Z. could never break that poo-flinging habit anyway…

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…and you do whatever you can when your ratings begin to drop ever nearer to the toilet.

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As if Mark’s Fists o’ Justice weren’t enough on Thursday! The Adventure in the Chiricahuas continues! Who would’ve thought it possible?!??

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Pressed into manual labor at the point of a gun, and by a squinty-eyed bad guy with stubble to boot!, we all knew that the RFOJ will not be derelict in its duty.

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So you think a Mary Work story-line would end within two weeks? Particularly when it involves sad-sack Dawn Weston? Ha-ha! It is to laugh!

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I think I’m just going to leave this here.

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…the Extinction of the Feeblest. At least the bears got something out of it.