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New Crankshaft

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“…will she be able to tell the difference?”

CC’s DOLz wonder aloud what the consequences might be (if any), were Mary Worth‘s druggie nemesis Tommy the Tweaker were switched with Apartment 3-G‘s nurse Tommie Thompson. Would anyone notice? Would anyone care? Let’s find out!

Not MW 676

Even as…

New A3G

And then along comes Mary…

New MW

…and the, The Big Night!

New MW

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Another day, another million or so…

New rRex

On the other hand, it’s not like he doesn’t work hard for the money…

New Rex


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New Luann

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…even if it comes down to a little antelopian slap-fighting.

New MT

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…points off for a lack of composure, Mary!

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Then again, Archie comics always tend to end up surreal, even if you’re only juggling the panels, filling in blank word balloons, and adding a dash of color…

New Archie

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Apparently, “Bum Boat Buttinsky” turned into a short story, with Mary solving the Impending Divorce Mom (and her Polite Li’l Daughter’s) dining out dilemma by paying the tab — and no blathering involved!

Personally, I think they (IDM and PLD) will make a return appearance, but in the meantime…

New MW

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…or something like that.

New Love is

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…it would’ve kept them in their place.

New FC

Oh, hey! It’s the Winter Olympics! In Sochi, Russia! Remember, Vladimir Putin wants you to watch it!

New FCRelentlessly!

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