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and some strips that we never pay any attention to, mostly.
Like when Marty Moon (who?), a character in Gil Thorpe (WHO?!??) comes home to his lonely apartment, and his faithful dog, “Girl.”

In many of the serial strips, long (read, drawn-out and frankly boring) story lines come with so many complications and inner plots… Like the Phantom’s friend Savarna:

And just another one, because an 18,000-year-old dog frozen in the Siberian permafrost, shouldn’t be

that unusual:

…with out without tusks…

“Mutts” has been running a long (and entertaining, of a sort) story of Guard Dog’s asshole owner (yes, I said it) moving and abandoning the dog. Earl and Mooch find the poor guy, and Earl’s man Ozzie is rushing him to the vet. There’s no snark here, only that Ozzie know the best way to benefit from some cat’s “cat-help.” (I’m lookin’ at you, Mooch…)

Maybe we’ll have a happy ending after all (thank you in advance, Patrick!).

(Of course, I had to mess with it a bit…yeah, it was subtle.)

And one of the bestest endings of all….a Happy Ending!! (no snark here at all)

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it was needed.

Is this just too much to hope for? Happiness for the Forths?!??

Along with a few that are just here for the ride…

(I’d never do this to Opal and Earl Pickles, by the way…)

If Gasoline Alley wants me to believe that there is a 150+ year-old patriarch still breathing and running this comic strip, I’ll just have to believe that there’s a talking bear.
I DON’T have to believe that the bear’s a vegan, though…

This is a very simple and plain ol’ hysterical little panel from Jeff Gilligan on FB’s Comics Curmudgeon group. It is just swell:

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…but I know professional jealousy when I see it.

Not enough ta-tas…the old artist never needed a plot…

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…although if Wilbutt wants to surprise someone, THIS is how to do it.

And I like this comic, too…

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By bats | September 11, 2020 - 4:23 pm

…now shut the hell up, Dolly, and admit that you’re just a fat, fat, fat kid.

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…and you’re gonna enjoy it. (Well, at least Scoopy’s on our side.)

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…and so is this particular strip. I think it’s pretty funny and bears repeating this time of year.

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…and now I understand it even less.

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…to slug the arrogant Dr. Camel, one of the pack elephants decides to duck out for a quick refreshment.

Can you blame him?

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