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The hoatzin is a South American bird with lots of interesting details to its overstuffed body;  Mark Trail tells us all about it in the 25 Sunday 2010 strip!  There’s lots of information on the Internet about it as well, and it’s worth checking out.

I think the crocodilian in the original strip was probably somewhat happier than this poor guy…


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I wouldn’t hear of it!

And neither would Rex nor June…


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Or, “Why I don’t read Hi & Lois.”  (It took me years to realize that the title of the strip was a pun.  But that’s not why I don’t read it.)


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…and for good reason!


[Sinite is an Old Mohawk term for “Beaver.” I figure if Tarzan can have Tantor and Simba, Mark can have his little North American buddies.]

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Kit Walker is still all mopey-dopey, having realized that Diane is still dead.  Even the genuinely dead Mr. Falk (creator of The Phantom) is having a hard time kicking his charge into action.

It’s okay, Mr. Falk:  every girl’s crazy ‘about a sharp-dressed leprechaun man.


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Maybe Cousin Brook will find happiness  before June kills her!


Meanwhile, Toots is demonstrating some mad skilz of his own:


Looking back on this, and what Brook is dealing with over at Ye Auld Gods Beauty Shoppe, maybe this is closer to the mark:


And then, just a little something to capitalize on with people standing on ladders. Oh, and stoners, too:


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…grinds to a stop. Margo demands it!


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The Keanes start the next 50 years of cartooning with a naked Jeffy standing in front of his mother, proudly spouting “’cause it’s my birthday!”.

All rightie then.  I’m sure we can work with this.


And we can even work in a rather obtuse 7 March Bizarro cartoon, too:


And CC’s “Bunny with a Whip” comments on a seemingly innocuous panel in which Jeffy is complaing to Mommy about tonight’s vegetable de jour:  “Jeffy should respond to this disappointment like he does all disappointments, by shocking his mother with nudity.”.  Let’s see!


Yup! Still works (at least on a very surreal level)…

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In the vast universe of name elements, it’s alway rather astonished me how comic strip characters share the same names — it’s not like there’s a finite number (Judge Parker vs. the Parker Bros. who have a hankering to beat up Mark Trail; Abbey Spencer vs. Abby the Wonder Dog vs. the wife/mom in Edge City;  Dr. Andy Reed vs. Andy the St. Bernard; etc.).

Still, when the Driver/Spencer’s trusty physician has the name of a certain medico we all know and love, it’s like manna from heaven:


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