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Here we are, thinking that Dawn is all cried out, and Mary will offer her succor (snerk), good advice, and baked goodies…

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…you don’t need Hugo visible, in the airport, or even on earth to keep Dawn moaning and kvetching! Honestly, this story is getting pretty damned stale.

Here (although she did come close to acting like a normal human being…I think the beluga might’ve short-circuited something in her):

And here:

And here:

(Beluga and narwhals are closely related…I guess I should’ve figured that out.)

Ah, the couch…the last refuge of the jilted, the beat-down, the spinster…

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Some kind stranger walks by Dawn, hands her a Kleenex so she doesn’t snot all over herself, and the rest is history.

Or maybe these two are engaged (a tip o’ the fluke to FB’s Jeffrey P. Morris for seeing the similarity between the Santa Royale airport and the Santa Royale aquarium:

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In just a couple of more weeks, Dawn…

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…what seems to be three weeks at the Santa Royale airport waiting for his flight to depart, and during that whole time, Dawn never once gives up hope for Hugo staying in the U.S. You gotta admit, Dawn has spunk (or the worst case of desperation EVER!).

Still, flight is announced, and Hugo and Dawn go their separate ways. She’s beyond distraught/crushed/heartbroken. He’s…well…

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Hugo is returning to France and Dumb-as-a-Doorknob Dawn just doesn’t understand. This is the last Mary Worth strip from this story-arc. I mean it.

If you want more, just read it daily (the same strip) for the next two weeks. Or skip it. Honestly, you’ll thank me.

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…we had pleasure in the sun. But as the time grows closer, it looks as though Dawn may be losing Hugo…

They’ve been prolonging their time in the ocean (the filthy, filthy ocean) not that it’s likely that the couple will stay together.

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…that there will be an ending (good, bad or indifferent) to the current Mary Worth bloatacular. I’m not so sure.
Indulge me in creating my own end to this French fairy tale starring Hugo as the lowly house painter and Dawn as the frog…

Bravo! Bravo!

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The tide is high! The lovers cannot contain themselves! Oh, well.

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By bats | July 30, 2019 - 12:59 pm

Looks like Mutts and Sherman the shark and the Melonheads (and who knows who else?) will be hitting the beach. Or the water. Or something.

Still, you have to be careful…

Or not, particularly if you have nine lives (and a little pink sock)…

Taking care of Jeffy would be great practice for you kids…

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