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Where Wilbutt is concerned, it’s always a dumb-ass notion…

The Wind-up… (The rolling eyes was actaully done by June Brigman! I am not making this up!)

And a little something that can fit into any tight spot…

Vetting the vet…

Mission accomplished (aka, “There Is No God”).

Home again, Home again to start abusing Pierre!

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…although Estelle would probably have to hire a front-loader to move Wilbutt’s obese carcass. (Someone on the Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon actually suggested that I had a Dark Side).
What? I took him that long to discover it?!??

So now it’s El Dumpo Weston wandering about, pitying himself because that’s about all…

Wilbutt makes the ultimate sacrifice and TALKS to another person! Is he a saint, or what?!??

OMG! Saul is STILL talking to Wilbutt!

On to She who Sees All, Knows All, and Tells All…especially if you perk up and watch yourself!

How can Wilbutt resist?!??

Good thing it’s market day…at least if you’re Wilbutt.

Don’t forget the Tough Love, Mary!

It’d be cool if Wilbutt decided to court Eve. And Saul and/or Greta beat the crap out of him.

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Or, fun bits while we’re waiting for somebody to poke Moy with a stick and wake her up (not that the plot will progress).

Someone suggested Mary loses her powers of persuasion and suggest she and Wilbutt visit the animal shelter. Mind you, Mary is ALWAYS in control:

There was some discussion that Libby be trained, and that squirting her with a spray bottle of water might work. Yea, right, like that will make her behave…

And where is Mary anyway? She’s blissfully absent from Estelle and Wilbutt’s walk in the park…but then, Labor Day was just a day or two away, and that always takes Mary’s conentration and work!

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All right, a little crossover is usually not more than surreal at best…

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No matter where you go…

And no matter how you think you remembered the words…you don’t.

When comic strips collide.

Maybe Wilbut is hedging his bets about the possibility of being booted from Charterstone, or perhaps giving serious consideration to a karaoke career…

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(and less than 24 hours after the end of the summer Olympics, too…)

Let’s get down to brass tacks, Drew…

But Mary persists. Drew seems to be a bright boy…

…it goes on…

…and on…

Mary…full of good ideas…or something…

Could it be?!?!? OH, YES!!!! THE END!!!

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Yeah. Keep thinking that, Trashlee…

And maybe you’ll get over the fact that you stole his watch, too… (BTW, THIS is what happens when the schools don’t teach cursive writing!!!).

Can you believe it? I mean REALLY BELIEVE IT?!?? Trashlee comes clean!!!

Well, no. Not really…

Gosh. the reunion of Drew and his Rolex is nearly the stuff of legend (oh, yeah, Trashlee’s in there somewhere)…

Can this day at the People’s Clinic get any better?

Oh, YOU BET!!!!

The plot thickens (aka, Shauna’s Big Idea)…

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Even Dr. Drew the Drip knows that he should find out a little more about Ashlee…

And still, Mary can find a little time for recreation with her Main Man…

Thank Ghod we’re on Pacific DST…sounds like Jeff has a lot of Drew baggage to unload.

Sorry, I put the cart before the jackass…I think this panel precedes the previous panel, but with all the booze and senility, who can say, really?

Medical confessions (not like we care)…

Wasn’t “No Way Out” something that the philosopher Sartre wrote? Maybe, maybe not…

Need any of us say more?

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Even if there isn’t a problem…Mary will have an answer!


What could Drew’s problem(s) be? And can Mary well and truly fix them?

A “fashion model to be,” Ashlee, introduces herself to Dr. Drew and they make a date for a photoshoot. What would possibly go wrong?!??

How about Drew actually having to respond to an EMERGENCY at the hospital?!?? No, that kind of think only happens in the comic stri…. oh, never mind.

It’s nice to think that if things go well, Ashlee could be the beautiful, deranged wife of a handsome doctor!

And sometimes second panel isn’t even needed…

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Week 3849 of the Saul ‘n’ Eve Romance, or something like that.

I begin to wonder whether Saul or Eve has short-term memory loss…or if you can achieve hybrid vigor with memory loss if they BOTH have it…

And if you can believe the current (boring) storyline in Rex Morgan, cross-genre plots very rarely work…

UH-oh…here come the Wazdoodlians!

All these annoying invasions. At least it’s something new.

Intense alien intrigue. Boring hooman conversation.

Yay! We weak hoomans live! Time for Froyo…and a LOT of it!!!

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