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…sorry, I don’t have a good intro. Just Dawn and Hugo, on a moonlight spin.

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(That’s “summer” in French, you non-crossword puzzle folks.)
Is it possible that Dawn is going to call the shots on this romance? Sacre bleu!

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…yeah, whatever.

I feel a little explanation is in order. In the mashing of the current Hang-Dog Dawn’s chance meeting with a stranger at the Galleria de Santa Royale, I’m not the only one.
Brigman and Moy start the encounter (boringly enough):

…John L. from Facebook’s “Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon” helps improve upon the story:

…and darn it! If I don’t have to feed the kitty!

(Yep, that’s Mark Trail’s packrat, too.)

I guess it only goes to show that “Many cooks make a turgid plot readable.”

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So Dawn goes to the Santa Royale Galleria, buys underwear, and runs into a stranger. And then things get stranger.
Hey, at least this is a diversion from what promises to be an insipid plot (apol0gies in advance to M. Trail).

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…Dawn has returned. Evidently she’s been in Europe, hobnobbing with real people. I’d give her a bright, shiny quarter if she’d stand up to Mary occasionally…

Then again, even if Dawn did stand up to Mary, would anything be accomplished by it?

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By bats | June 29, 2019 - 2:03 pm

So I’m really trying to limit myself to a select few comic strips (Rex Morgan, Mary Worth, Mark Trail) for mashability, but it seems that Judge Parker is going to the Big House (aka, the Slammer). The administrators of justice generally have No Luck there, and it looks like good luck is not going his way.
At least if I got to tell the story.

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…just go for the gusto! You’re not getting any younger, and Mary hasn’t run out of breath yet.

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It’s Sunday, and Mary and Jeff are still wandering the sea, looking for the Bum Boat Bistro or something. Conversation (read, Mary pontificating) continues, so I chose to just skip ahead to the final panels.

So, our two lovebirds have landed at the Bum Boat, where the talk and rehashing goes on and on. OTOH, there’s no danger in beating a deadhorse, is there?

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As I mentioned a couple of years ago, all (or most) of the serial comics artists seem to have retired and been replaced by younger folks. While this is kinda good (rather than just killing a strip entirely), did we really need to have Mary Worth doing the Benjamin Button thing? Get any younger, Mary, and you’ll be kissing Charterstone adios.
On the other hand, many of her friend continue to surround her and follow her good sense with a slavish devotion. I suspect that’s all you can expect for a buttinsky like Mary. Oh, and Toe-by, the fat Professor’s trophy wife, also keeps time ticking away by experimenting with the latest and greatest hallucinogens that Santa Royale has to offer.

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