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Dawn is back at Mary’s, opening her heart to her. I like to think, in spite of the endless Botox treatments, Mary knows that her time on earth is limited, and she’s decided not to waste it on idiots and their problems (i.e., Dawn and her reomances).

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…maybe it’s the author, maybe it’s the water in Santa Royale, maybe it’s Mary’s collection of gay porn, but a number of fellas in town sure have purty mouths.
And they sure ain’t bashful to use ’em, either.
(That’s Ted, who evidently was once hitting on Mary…unless something better came along. And that’s sappy Jared.)

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…but I really don’t like Jared. Even to the point of NOT wanting him mash on Droopy Dawn (how bad is that?!??).

And guess what happens next!!!

And THEN what happens!

For good or ill, Hugo is off the hook! La vie est belle!

And, we all know, this torrid romance is likely to last even shorter than the Covid-19 pandemic:

More! More! (really, is this EVER going to end?!??)
To be fair, I’m amusing myself with CCR’s “Hag Moon Rising”…

And maybe…finally…hopefully…this will be the end of Dawn and Jared for a long, long time.

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…and Dopes who Dine.

Of course, in theses Modern Tymes, contact is only a *Ding* (or something) away:

And we discover yet another fine dining establishment in Santa Royale:

You can never tell what waits around the corner…

And just when you think you should sympathize…

And there’s always room for…BREAKFAST!

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…does Mary Worth ever worry, or fear for her sterling reputation? I doubt it, but it would be nice if she had occasional bouts of self-doubt.

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And I think she’s going to be taking command!

And let’s wrap up the exciting week with a less-than-exciting Sunda compilation (although I do like the last panel):

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Who knew that such a scandalous individual might present himself to Dawn…in the same sleepy burg?

So, our relentless, week-long slog is capped by…a RELENTLESS SUNDAY RERUN!

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Wow, new adventures with young Dawn Weston! Is it any wonder that Mary’s been MIA, and otherwise having to listen to Dawn’s exciting community college antics? It makes you feel almost sorry for the old busybody.

But not quite.

(And I think “immersed in school” is code for Dawn’s majoring in Underwater Basket-Weaving…)

And to think that I’m actually cheering on Mary!

Dawn and Jared discoever that they have SO MANY things in common!

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…Dawn and Wilbutt are still nattering at one another! At least they have the decency to contain it in their condo, as opposed to the scrupulously maintained, beautiful surroundings of Charterstone…where NOBODY CARES!

So it’s Valentine’s Day (even in Santa Royale, I suspect), and Dawn sends Wilbutt on his merry way:

And then the feckless adult daughter invokes the Dark Spirits of Charterstone itself!

NEW ADVENTURE! (yeah. right.)

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Hey! We were promised a new story with that old guy and his dog (then again, this is Wilbutt and Dawn…)

But wait! There’s MORE!


Can no one stop the madness??

I guess Hugo has some brains to go along with those looks:

You know? I think I’ve finally figured this out…the “new story,” with the old guy who adopted a new dog some time ago (months, years, decades — it hardly matters), was merely delayed a week so everyone who is so invested in the Dawn et Hugo lovefest can keep abreast of their long-distance courtship!

Like anyone cares!

Perhaps this Sunday strip (or part of it) will lead to something new. Or different, at least. And, there was no sign of Mary this pas week.
This is called a Small Miracle, folks!

Even these losers have their limits…believe it or not!

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