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,,,and at least we’re not hallucinating like Mark or Mary.

To be honest, Mary isn’t hallucinating. Every poor soul who stumbles across her path is…

HAPPY 2020! And heaven save us all!

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By bats | January 2, 2020 - 10:59 am
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Things are just rosy for Estelle and Wilbutt, and here’s Mary doling out all sorts of platitudes for a despondent Iris, who has moved back to the hell that is Charterstone. How long Iris will tolerate it is anyone’s guess. She may be pregnant and/or menopausal and/or hypothyroidic, but even she has a limit.

The opinion that “Mary is a good listener.” is dubious at best.

Of course, Mary just has to bring in Zak to counsel Iris. But it’s not like Mary knows everything (you evil bitch).

At last Zak convinces the menopausal pregnant truly scary Iris to see a Real Doctor, and the news is actually pretty good!

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…they’re never as noble as they start out being.

It seems that this particular storyline is winding down (there was a hint of it when the artist was being interviewed on a podcast), so even if there’s no earth-shattering kaboom! of a climax, let’s just move on. I’ll miss Libby, though, and hope she makes occasional appearances (like Dawn or Toby or Fat Bastard Professor…).

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Yes, it’s a word. I just made it up!

So Estelle is going to give Wilbutt another chance? sigh Hopefully, Libby will keep him on the straight and narrow…

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I’m sure you’ll join me in guessing how all of this is going to pan out. It’s like getting underwear for Christmas gift (heck, at least Jewish parents run out of bright ideas for Chanukah on the seventh or eighth evening of gift-giving. But still!).

So off we go to vent at Mary and choke down some holiday cheer!

The problem with Mary’s fruitcake, like most fruitcakes, it take a millennium to gag down even a small amount…good thing Genie’s in town (ruthlessly stolen from Mark Trail!).

Sometimes you just have to soldier on, rather than following Mary’s advice about living in the past, over and over and over again. (Follow at your own peril.)

No, really!

So what have we learned from a week long of Mary bloviating? If you drifted off, here’s a Sunday recap!

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When you keep tossin’ back all those Pelligrinos, what good can come of it?

There’s a hint that this story-arc is wrapping up soon. Unfortunately, I don’t see Zak and Wilbutt jetting off to Fire Island for the holidays. I’m sure that not having this happen would make at least one ragged old harridan happy.

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Poor Zak, confused by Iris’ strange behavior (to say nothing of her sudden poundage!)

Can Wilbutt be of any help to him?

Strangely enough, perhaps Wilbutt and Zak can be of help to each other!! Who need Iris? Or Estelle? Or that damned busy-body Mary Worth?

And to someone who wondered if the bartender was a zombie because he never moves, here’s an update:

Happy, Mr. Critic?
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While Estelle has put the brakes on her seeing Wilbutt, Iris has undegone an unnerving metamorphosis in the past two weeks. Prgnancy? Menopause? The heartbreak of psoriasis? It’s HUGE, whatever it is!! And she’s movin’ out, Zak!

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The day (or week) after…and guess who shows up!

Of course, guess whose side Mary’s on…

And guess whose side Estelle’s on…

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And then Fritz Goebel at Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon had to mention something about cat toys and lasers and stuff:

And then it was the next morning, with all the concern and quasi-help we know that Mary is willing to load onto her hapless victims:

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