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And Bernice was his Muse cum model? No, neither can I.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand it’s back to another lame story…

Tiffany gets ahead by remembering and playing her years of old tricks that she’s perfected…you go, girl!!!!
The old bat (your mom, Gunth, will never suspect!

Where in the world is loony little Bets…

Remember when Borenice was still in school, pretending to be pre-Psych?

And now for some High Drama at Tiffany’s Halloween party…will Bets stay or go?…Who gives a rat’s ass?

And what Bats really, really needs to hear…

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And for the conspiracy theorists in the audience….

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I swear, Dally’s being groomed to aid and abet Mery Worth in her dotage.

And once again, it’s PJ for the Win!!!

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New story….same wandering plot….

And you just thought this was an innocent game, not a March to Glorious Destruction!

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Still no end in sight…it’s dinnertime at the Bum Boat!

Itchin’ to meddle?

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Randy, old Parker’s son, and his ex-wife, newly released from prison, meet once again. As you might guess, things are a little tense…

Meanwhile, it looks like Sam and Abby are getting back together…at lease for a weekend of cheap, meaningless sex. And wouldn’t you know it…an ACCIDENT!!!

Could be an insurance adjuster…could be an animal trainer…

Abbey and Sam have been through so much IN A DAY!!! Why does it seem like years?!??

In the continuing puzzle that is Judge Parker, all you really need to know is… OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!!!!!

In an alternate universe (read, anywhere but where Judge Parker and his cronies hang out), cicadas are noisy but harmless little insects, spending most of their 17 years of life underground! Who fed you that crap that cicadas were blood-suckers?!??

Meanwhile, let’s return to a more peaceful and sensual scene…

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….Estelle (soon to be Stell) and Ed strolling off into the sunset? Libby and Odin having big plans (big, nefarious plans) for Pierre? How can we possibly wait until tomorrow?!??

And just in time…a new story!!

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