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…but a guest. What could it hurt?

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Comics Kingdom has ceased to function, Mary and all the ancillary characters in the strip are dead, and Moy reigns supreme!

This was actually a two-panel weekday strip that I only figured out how the mash the second (below) once I’d finished with the first (above):

The 40-day, 40-night storm continues, along with this interminable storyline. Hope yer likin’ it, kids!

And then Max runs off! with the open door, the lightning, the thunder…whoda thunk it?!??

I TOLD you to watch your step, Saul!

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Saul and Eve continue their evening together. It goes on and on. And on and on. And on and on…

Eve continues her long story about her awful marriage to her awful husband Gary; could things get any worse?

I guess so! Gary shooting the dog was a real kerfuffle in toonland (read, a lot of people were really pissed off at Moy’s lack-of-storytelling abilities). At least she made up for it the next day, showing that the innocent were saved…

Yay! Back to the boredom that is a date with eve and Saul…

While their patient dogs wait patiently. Patiently. Patiently…
all the prove the point that animals are dumb.

Could all this pointless yammering herald the end of this pointless storyline?

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…and Buck’s missing it entirely (a tRump-style lunch at the local greasy spoon can’t hurt, can it?)

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Which explains the ongoing coin shortage in the U.S.

And it’s not like we all don’t forget things from time to time…

Nicely done, contributor…makes the snark good and easy!!

Mostly a “true fact,”especially this time of year…

And when the weather’s a little better, one can always chat the morning away…

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