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Mashing my own mashup? If it makes it better, you bet!

And Jym had this great idea of including a certain, whacked-out religious nut…


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…when everyone re-evaluates their lives and actions, and resolves to improve themselves.

I mean, just listen to Jill’s regret in Panel 1, hurting her BFF Adrian’s feelings and nearly ruining the rehearsal dinner.  (Yes, this panel is untouched…just like the art in Panel 2, when a remorseful Jill makes her intentions to set things to right is known.)


Sequitur, one of The Comics Curmudgeon’s faithful minions, did an elegant mashup just by putting a big, bloody knife in Jill’s fist.  (I’ll link it if he gives me permission.)  I’d completely missed that opportunity…but not for long!


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No, I mean her actual butt — no one in NYC owns a car, do they?

Anyway, looks like Lu Ann’s been taking blistering expression lessons from Margo!


Meanwhile, elsewhere, as the party starts running full-tilt:


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Nope! Christmas is for me! MINE MINE MINE!

And for good reason:


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Lisa was portrayed in full color, not “Force Ghost” blue…what was I supposed to think?!

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…like that old tradition, “Tamales de Murcielagos“!  Happy Holidays, folks!


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So the 23 December Pibgorn strip concludes a few days of Santa hearing mysterious sleigh bells and running to it in a panic, only to find Dasher and Dancer going at it.  (In the words of Dave Barry, “No, I am not making this up.”)

Mark and I do our best to salvage the situation with a mid-week Nature Study.  Enjoy Nature!



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I also toyed with the seagull doing a kamekazi thing upon seeing Kelly…


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…Lisa, your pet parakeet, any vestiges of talent you ever might’ve had, your weener, your cell phone, etc., WHY AREN’T YOU DEAD, LES?!?

Actually, this was suggested by CC’s SquirrelGM…truly great:


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