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And if the Great Pumpkin grants wishes, maybe he’ll bring Rex and June back!


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(The strange thing is, when I was looking for images of tattoo guns, I discovered several mashups/parodies out there for “My First Tattoo Gun,” done in pastels and/or bright colors, nice and big so that little hands can handle them safely and build hand/eye coodination.  I figured Dolly’s already a pro, though…)

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By bats | October 29, 2009 - 2:51 pm
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Theory 1:  With all the bedside manner being administered to Det. Scott by Drs. Jeff and Adrian, Mary’s a little at loose ends — it’s the end of October, a little late for a pool party, a little early  for Yuletide meddling (heavens! never before Thanksgiving!).  What’s a biddy to do?

Theory 2:  In spite of gator poaching going on all around them, Mark and Rusty are going to spend an uneventfuly final night in Lost Swamp, and Mark’s mighty fists will go unpunched. What’s a champion of justice to do?

Theory 3:  Cue the cute little dog!


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The Ghost-Who-Mourns continues to do just that.  Something must be done!, thinks President (and BFF) Lamanda:


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Riffing on today’s Pluggers, diligently digging through seat cushions for spare change:


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I’ve heard that associating with people who are consistently negative only serves to drag you down with them.  Meh, I thought, I doubt that.

And then…


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What a difference a space makes! Then again, maybe next time Mark and Cherry adopt, it’ll be a puppy or a kitten rather than a space alien little boy like Rusty.


I figured that some of those very spiffy tigers drawings from “Big Top Tracy” needed to show up in a place where spiffy wildlife drawing are appreciated…

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Adrian finally escapes Mary’s clutches (on the pretense of “talking to Scott”), only to find her father already in what seems to be deep, deep conversation with her fragile fiance:


And until Rex Morgan returns to his rightful place (in his own $*#$&*# comic!), I’ll be forced to snark Mary Worth unmercifully thanks for the gift basket, though!):


And this is just a throwaway.  The touch on the arm, the meaningful, if haggard and worn, look, the utter schmaltz of it all, just reminded me of this:


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Even if you’re a Total Fan of Mary Worth and Her Platitudes, the last week has been quite a slog.  I thought a bit of a respite from the Monday through Saturday strips was in order:


Sure, that made me feel better, only to realize that the Sunday strip was a complete repeat of the weekly ones!  Oh, Mary, you really, really need a break. And perhaps I know just the person who could provide one for you:


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