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And how about those knee-slapping pranks?

And again, something I just can’t snark on (but add to? Of course!)

Finally! It’s the day!

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By bats | October 29, 2020 - 12:23 pm
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…even if we’re not too sure that there really ARE twins…or if you have them…or if you’re really married…

And to make matters worse: it’s official…Brooke McEldowney has run out of ideas.

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A philosophical doggo. A hedonistic cat. Life is good. (Thanks to the comic “Bliss” for the happy thought.)

Harry Bliss is a cartoonist for the New Yorker, so it’s no wonder why I can’t figure out some of his work. But he does Chas. Addamsesque stuff at times, and at others, a cartoon is so sad (like a distraught little squirrel sitting on a park bench with a grieving man) that I have to mess with it, or I get all sad and snorfly, too.

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…and he’s already getting drawn into something nefarious and illegal. Or maybe not. Who cares? Mark doesn’t, apparently.

Evidently, magazine editor Amy has “the attention span of an infant…five seconds” (thanks to Mr. Leonard, my seventh-grade math teacher).

And, thank Heavens, even Mark 2.0 has a tipping point (I can’t wait until the punching begins)…

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By bats | October 26, 2020 - 11:13 am

It was family stuff (read, boring). Evidently a new character will be added, maybe a future daughter-in-law for Kit. I don’t know. I was trying to sleep, too.

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What’s going on in the current plot of Funky Winkerbean is too long and boring to tell here (yay), so let’s just go with Funky attempting to call former President Clinton (based on a brief whistle-stop 20+ years ago) and ask him for his political influence regarding a foreign national currently living and working in Funkytown.
Yep, that about covers it.

Yeah, yeah, it’s your reponsibility as a citizen. Just steer clear of Westview.

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…fish apparently multi-task in water.

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…just be honest, okay? We won’t judge.

(This also makes amends for misspelling the late Ray Kroc’s name…)

A Plugger’s work is never done. (There are little perks here and there, though.)

Just fer fun…

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Although the artist is honestly selling beautiful, downtown Santa Royale short; just ask any resident:

Yeah, like Tommy’s in any mood to have a conversation.

Tommy meets up with Vin, an old friend from the “Royale”. What could possibly go wrong?

So Tommy walks the straight and narrow, refusing to partake with his old drug buddy, and he STILL gets all sorts of crap from Brandy!

And sometimes, you just have to cut your losses…

I may as well mention that today is 31 October 2020….creepy on so many levels, Tommy!

You know, I don’t like Tommy. I never liked Tommy. And yet, in this current storyline, Tommy is a regular St. Francis…hit the bricks, Brandy!

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By bats | October 17, 2020 - 12:00 pm
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…I thought I could hold off on snarking the new MT (aka, “Marque Nuevo”) for at least a week, but Bill Ellis STARTED IT FIRST, asking Mark about his face. Didn’t your mama teach you any manners, Bill?

The Sunday MT is still in Jack Elrod reruns (YAY!), featuring a chipmunk preparing for winter. Sharp-eyed John Long saw Chippie stashing its very own Jack Elrod ball and I noticed that the clever little guy had acquired a rare James Allen ball, too!

Woods ‘n’ Wildlife purchased by the megacorporation?!?? What’s next? Conde Nast taking over the rest of the magazines on earth?

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