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Eh. This is a pretty obvious mashup, aside from the facts that
(1) Look! Look! The plot is finally advancing!, and
(2) Rex looks so gosh-darned cute and muddled in Panel 3, and very, very determined. Think, Rex, think! See Rex think!

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Let’s see. First Liz Patterson goes ape-shit over getting an engagement ring and realizes the mystical and subversive powers it has over the noncommitted (i.e., Warren), and now Margo Magee is whining over the lack of her having something similar — yeah, like giving Margo a ring of ANY sort of power is a Good Idea.

teenchy from CC suggested that all of this “ring talk” might be an interesting mashup. Heck, just having Margo go after Liz is good enough for me!

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By bats | May 29, 2008 - 2:38 pm
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If and when marijuana (that gateway drug to cocaine, heroin, and Robitussin) is ever legalized, I don’t knot if it will ever be allowed to be advertised, or that it would need to be advertised. Still, this is my vote for its First Spokesperon.

(I lover her hands, her expression, the “whole package.” Well, maybe not the grape-splat top…)

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Wow! Out, out, damned Jeff! Where will the Mary Worth storyline go now?

Of course, this is the obvious path, but hey, this ain’t Dostoevsky!

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Truman Fable, one of the regular snark-meisters over at CC, commented recently that it’s helpful for him to imagine Connie and Elly as lovers, that it makes the Foobiverse more endurable.

Dale Arden: “Will it make me forget?”
Hedonia, a Slave Girl: “No, but it will make you not mind remembering.”

Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

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I haven’t been “doing” much to Family Circus recently — the humor isn’t enough to snark. This is a half-hearted attempt.

Thelma Keane (the inspiration for the strip’s “Mommy”) passed away 25 May 2008 at the age of 82. Mommy always managed to have it together, even with the occasional messy room or sugar-whacked-out kids on Easter, without any screeching or breast-beating. Others could learn from it. Godspeed, Mrs. Keane.

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It’s getting to be a real horse-race, with Rex and Mary fighting it out for mashup attention. This particular panel was done as a result from some of Dingo’s (from CC) musings about it being improved by editing some of the language and putting drinks into Mary and Dr. Jeff’s hands.

Sweet, sweet booze.

And wouldn’t you know, Dingo’s right!

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I usually don’t get into the “hey, that character looks like X!”. But gee whiz, if rent-a-cop #2 didn’t reveal himself to be Chris Griffin from Family Guy. (Well, there goes my four choices.) And where Chris goes, can a few of his devoted “fans” be far behind?

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By bats | May 26, 2008 - 6:07 pm
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…I forgot Jacko! Anyway, a mask — always mysterious, always alluring…

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(Kids, don’t try this at home. Mary is a trained professional!) Long story short: someone at CC pleaded for snark, as her daughter was engrossed in watching Titanic, and it was down to the final 45 minutes of schmaltzy goodness. Mary and her appendage came to the rescue, fingering at least one guilty party.

I may not be a huge fan of Mary, but she’s Gandhi compared to Celine…

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