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(There are a few updates here, including one very fashionable Miss Alice Otterloop — even with her usual panache, I think this fails her.)

…although some of the fashions were more reminiscent of a dog fight.  Yes, I’m talking about Princess Beatrice of York’s hat.  Bea’s hat:

Bea’s tribute to Theodore Geisel (I’ll wait as you figure that one out):

Bea’s tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien:

I could’ve sworn all members of the Royal Family were Church of England (although this comes pretty close to kicking the Archbishop of Canterbury’s miter in the butt)…

For that interminable time between all the wedding photos being snapped and finally getting to the wedding luncheon buffet (OM NOM NOM NOM!):

Bea telling the world not to forget the ongoing recovery in Japan…sugoi!

If you cruise the intertubes, you’ll find that a few folks have “borrowed” Bea’s chapeau (hey, she’s a Princess…whatever happened to a good, old-fashioned CROWN?!?), including Donald Trump, Osama bin Laden, Nick Nolte and some other famous people (who were not watching the Royal Wedding at the time):

Indy, let the Wookiee win let Belloq have this one…it isn’t worth the risk!

This is my favorite — I think the Big D does it justice:

(but maybe it’s only because his weenus is showing).


I’ll skip the comparisons to Alien‘s facehugger and uterus/Fallopian tubes (at least until I can find appropriate photos).  Now let me add a few, relying on that fine British tradition of keeping a stiff upper lip, no matter the adversity:

And the very simple truth of the matter:

But at least the sad tale of “The Lost Little Teletubby” has a very happy ending!  Eh Oh!

Alice Otterloop is usually a match for anyone and anything.  This could be the first Fail in her young life:

And just so you know, it could’ve been worse: the wedding could’ve take place during the annual rut.



With heaven as my witness, when I first saw the second panel, I didn’t realize that Guran was obscuring half of the monitor.  Really!


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…except for the very, very long denouement.

Sorry I ever, even vaguely, wondered what happened to Chatu…sheesh.

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Let’s see, Mary has pretty much been written out of her own strip while Dr. Drew (Manwhore!) romances Nurse Liza (Techno-Addict!),  soon to be dismissed from Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Memorial Hospital…Mark is heading off to the high woods to meet with Ted Kaczynski a troubled vet…and a Plugger waits for his inevitable death.

Happy Tuesday, folks!


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…with the weather so nice, we should all take a note from a Certain You Know Who’s book and Enjoy Nature!

(watch out for the Rabbit Raisins, though)

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With heaven as my witness, I only look at Love is… when someone on the Comics Curmudgeon website mentions it (forturnately, that isn’t too often).  Still, I can bet that just about all my mashups for it come from someone pointing out a particularly creepy one…

The original had something to do about a mother’s infinite patience  (kind of creepy when Mom died about 30 years ago.)

This “look at this” moment was promulgated by CC’s queek, sourced of Cuteness, Kawaii Commando, who mentioned something about “hadaka aprons and sex in the kitchen.”  Gee. Thanks loads, queek…


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There’s still no word on what the Phantom did to the Python, but the Munchkins of Bandarland are happy anyway.  Well, right up until the blow-out feast and celebration of Kit’s return home goes over the top, which, if you’re Bandar, isn’t all that high…

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The Phantom (aka, Stripey Butt, aka, Ghost Who Talks Way Too Much) has a two-week-long, knock-down, drag-out confrontation with Chatu (aka, The Python, aka Villain Who Also Talks Way Too Much).  The Phantom finally knocks his worstest enemy ever! out and removes him from prison.  The next time we see The Phantom, there’s no trace of The Python!

Where the deuce did he go?

Unless you give us some exposition, Kit (which I’m guessing he will), we’re forced to draw our own conclusions:

The Obvious:

The Intriguing:

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…just can’t compare to dancing dancing dancing kitties!

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