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What we all read a serial comic about the legal profession for…BODACIOUS TATAS!!!


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…but I really hope E. Queasy, Boy Genius, becomes a regular member of the cast.

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By bats | July 29, 2011 - 9:33 am
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…and she asked you for a glass of water.  Did she ask you for your life story?

I didn’t think so.

Still, Gina may prove to be Mary’s equal — we can only hope!

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Mark has finally found his way home, and he and Rusty are doing chores around the old homestead.  Which means, Mark goes and meddles with what appears to be a wounded Canada goose.

Did the goose ask for assistance?  I doubt it.

Is Mark intent on helping it (sort of a “pay it forward,” when Senora Momjeans helped him)? You bet!

And as an homage to an Irish Renaissance poet, Greek mythology, and classy types everywhere, CC’s bourbon babe, unbuckled has tweaked one of Mr. Yeats works:

Mark Trail and the Goose

A sudden blow: the gray wings beating still
Above the bellowing naturalist, his spit-curl tousled
By the sudden move, his arm tangled in its feet,
He falls boldfaced and helpless into the grass.

How can Mark’s perplexed pink fingers push
The Canada glory from his raspberry blouse?
And how can writer, laid by That Old Goose,
But feel the mad heart beating where it lies?

A shudder in the loins engenders there
The LoFo cabin, the punching and the kicks,
And facial hair askew.

Being so knocked down,

So mastered by pissed-off waterfowl,
Did Mark put on the knowledge that it’s stupid
To try to talk sense into a crazy-ass goose?

(apologies to W. “B is for Boldfaced” Yeats)

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By bats | July 28, 2011 - 3:38 pm

I think even Mary Worth is aware of the moribund pace of her life over the past few weeks…does putting off Jeff’s nth proposal of marriage really take that long?

Anyway, in no time flat, Mary has a waitress make a blubbering mess of herself, racing from the diner as quickly as her cushiony work-pumps will carry her!  See, Mary? Isn’t that a lot more fun?

And what can I say? When Mary’s inspired, I’m inspired!

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By bats | July 26, 2011 - 12:50 pm
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I like mashing the Scoopy thing (thanks again, CC’s Josh F. himself, for the idea!),  and I don’t want to use the same characters if I can avoid it.  When the usual gang of contempibles is so very “usual,”  even Scoopy can be more jaded than usual…he might even enjoy a hug.

(I <3 Thatababy, by Paul Tart.)

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Two solid weeks of Mary cock-blocking Jeff’s marriage proposal (or just cock-blocking him) was about 13 days too many for me.  I took action:

So I either have some minor deity’s ear, or even Moy and Giella got fed up with this mawkish Moebius strip:

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Brooke McE (via Pibgorn, of all sources) has provided something that successfully cuts the saccharine cutesyness of Love is… It seems our usually nauseatingly-precious li’l devil dude has been flexing his muscle, and not a moment too soon.


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There was a regular convergence of narcissists in the 20 July comic strips, as noted by many folks at the Comics Curmudgeon.  Sure, you can laugh at them, but seriously, can’t something be done to help them? A 12-step program, perhaps?  Maybe a 13-step one, for the really special ones?

Even so, I think a few members missed the meeting…

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Even Big Gay Seth must bow before the smug douchery that is Les Moore.  While Seth returns to his apartment to cuddle platonically with Edda (Miss Special Snowflake 2000+) and feed her codswallop by the gallon, Les continues to amaze and delight the stultified Cayla.

Plus, a really creepy end to it all…CC’s Loopina suggested that even-more-pompous-than-Seth Edda date Les. [insert uncontrollable shuddering here]



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