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Rex Morgan, M.D.


Probably some other guys, too.

Today, however, there’s a new Man-whore on the block, or in some distant, mysterious country inhabited by fierce Amazon women:  The Phantom! (And he’s not even in his purply spandex and stripey Underoos!  Those women are desperate!)


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The best part of Mark Trail is the Sunday strips (yeah, I probably *could* live without Rusty and poachers and stuff like that) — I grew up only with the Sunday strips, and they and Wild Kingdom were the two gateways to the animal kingdom (none of this Nature and Discovery channels, although there was an occasional National Geographic Special tossed into the mix).

And while animals are cool, some animals transcend cool.  Mark hits the nail on the head (or the cephalopodon the beak) with today’s…the Mighty Squid!

Of course, Mark can occasionally get sidetracked.


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I hadn’t planned on doing a Thanksgiving mashup (about half of the daily strips did, and this didn’t include Judge Parker (which, I suppose has enough giant breasts on a regular basis that make every day seem like Thanksgiving) or Rex Morgan (which still has Rex MIA, something about which I am NOT thankful)).

But Mary Worth…ah, Mary…


And then there’s “D,” for “dessert”:


I did consider “S” for “sexy,” but to whom would that apply?

Now “S” for “sex fiend,” I can understand:



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That week of Delilah telling Mary her good news, and Mary telling Delilah that all good things happen if people just listen to Mary Worth appears to have only been a brief blip in the Idiot-O-Meter…instead of more with Delilah the Idiot, it appears we’re looping back to more of the Adrian the Idiot story.


Although, to be honest, I was hoping that a new Delilah the Idiot story might re-introduce Charley the Perv.  Then again, what if Charley’s day job were a Physical Therapist?!?  ohpleaseohpleaseohplease…


Or, what if Scott’s primary care physician had a day off? Or was on vacation? Or had the flu? Or retired?


I think that little Guran dude is wandering around the halls…

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…it looks like Dr. Aristotle Papadagoras, Apt 3-G’s resident roue, is lookin’ pretty needy this holiday season.


Meanwhile, Sam Driver probably wouldn’t recognize, much less want it, if it slapped him in the face.  Or if both of them did:


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You know you want it.

You wouldn’t dress that way if you didn’t.


All this talk of babies and kindly old platitude-lobbers.  This is what you really want:


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A valuable lesson for today’s kids:


Oh, and don’t forget to ENJOY NATURE!

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…looks who’s calling Mary!  Yes! It’s the Stupidest Child Prodigy in the World, Delilah!


Mary’s posture in this one confuses and concerns me.  Mary isn’t one for leanin’ back and ‘gargling platitudes’ (as CC’s True Fable so eloquently puts it).  Mary is a full-contact active meddler — she’s always trotting around the Charterstone community pool, or roaming the halls of Mountview Hospital, or stalking around the Bum Boat, waiting to be seated.  About the only time she’s “at ease,” is during her “Coffee Chats” with Toby, and even then, she’s got a wary eye on that toaster.

Because toasters cannot be trusted.

So…what exactly is Mary doing?


Mary’s armchair platitudinizin’ caused much merriment among the Comics Curminions (Mary getting a buzz…Mary quizzing Delilah on basic geometry formulas…), and just seeing the old biddy kicking back there is a thing of beauty.

Actually, it’s more a thing of ridicule, but I digress:


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