By bats | November 24, 2009 - 10:48 am

That week of Delilah telling Mary her good news, and Mary telling Delilah that all good things happen if people just listen to Mary Worth appears to have only been a brief blip in the Idiot-O-Meter…instead of more with Delilah the Idiot, it appears we’re looping back to more of the Adrian the Idiot story.


Although, to be honest, I was hoping that a new Delilah the Idiot story might re-introduce Charley the Perv.  Then again, what if Charley’s day job were a Physical Therapist?!?  ohpleaseohpleaseohplease…


Or, what if Scott’s primary care physician had a day off? Or was on vacation? Or had the flu? Or retired?


I think that little Guran dude is wandering around the halls…

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