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I don’t follow Gil Thorpe, unless the comments at the Comics Curmudgeon are just too juicy to resister.  So this guy Steve has one arm (I don’t know why) and he apparently can’t play golf very well as a result.  And he apparently likes this girl Molly.  Yup. That’s about all you need to know.  Oh, and she suddenly pointed at him — with her FINGER!!!

I thought about having blood gushing out of his eye socket, but that was a little over-the-top.


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aka, “All’s well that ends well!”

TA-DA! *

(* in the Bandar tongue)

And sometimes…I make myself laugh:

Of course, you know all the smirkiness will not lead to a happy ending…

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We all hate the melon-heads, and that’s all that matters!

And the hits just keep on coming!

Just be glad the Kids aren’t dealing with pinworms.  You really don’t want to see what they’d be scratching…


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…and you can bet Mary wouldn’t be caught with her bloomers down tossing it around so casually, as it has been used in her comic recently! But times are, well, ugly

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…and the Morgans’ Bankrupt Caribbean Adventure (aka, “The Donut Kid”), I am NEVER stepping foot on a cruise ship!

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…as an “Olympics STD.”

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To be honest, I had to do this just because Get Fuzzy mentioned a “bowl of eternal salmon treats” today. Who else would be the guardian?

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…no matter how reprehensible (*coff*FunkyWinkerbean*coff*) the comic or its (*coff*LesMoore*coff*hack*gag*) its characters are.

And if the kitty is close by, I still might read it…

And evidently The Author has made the trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro, which I guess follows the old saw “Write/draw/exploit what you know.”


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