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Sure he comes from Hootin’ Holler and he and his kin are as poor as the dirt they squat upon, but Tater just strikes me as the happiest child in the comics universe.

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By bats | January 29, 2020 - 4:14 pm
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…at least they’re having good weather in the Himalayas!

And then there’s some whistling sounds! And then there’s Genie going into Dr. Camel’s tent! And then there’s an avalanche! And then there are startling comments!

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By the bye, THIS was the same woman who looked like an escapee from a circus sideshow last week (ah, the wonders of (A) Modern Medicine, of (B) Big Pharma).

Of course, I just can’t seem to quit that ole’ saddle-sore Mary…

And way down deep, I suspect Mary Worth had hoped and prayed and lit several black candles that the young, handsome Zak had as vapid as she had hoped…

I’d tell Iris to run away from Mary as fast as humanly possible, but it looks like she’s holding her own. It must be LOVE!

And now, Iris is just jerking Mary’s chain (cool!).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this the last strip with Iris…even if she’s pretty done with Mary, too…

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…Libby helps in a fond farewell from herself and Estelle. Good Kitty!

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…but I’m just reveling in the present.

(A little touch-up for friends and Libby’s fans…)

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By bats | January 23, 2020 - 1:14 pm

Or, “Die, Luann! DIE!”

And while we’re on the subject of my own satisfaction, here’s My Candidate for the most Compassionate and Caring Physician Forever!

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And the nearly triumphant return of Dorothy Parker!

Of course, this was all a clever ruse (in Mary’s deteriorating mind) to get the low-down on Estelle and Wilbutt. Really incisive, Mary.

SEE? Not that Libby and Estelle aren’t up to the Wilbutt and Mary challenge!

Like any of us give a rat’s ass of Mary’s opinion of men…

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By bats | January 21, 2020 - 9:35 pm
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…and it usually involves a panel from a little-read comic (here it’s Mandrake the Magician) going head-to-head with an old (and I do mead OLD) favorite:

Now with some of Mary’s repetoire. (Do you think Mary feels the need to provide all the snacks for a pool party, or does she threaten anyone who dares to horn in on her special talents?)

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Iris’ frightening weight gain and metabolic changes have been diagnosed as a wonky thyroid, and she and Zak are on the road to renewed health and LOVE. Meanwhile, other folks are rekindling their passions around the Charterstone Wildlife Sanctuary (or the Santa Royale Wastewater Plant, I don’t remember which)…

Assuming there is no gorilla (blue or otherwise), the endless stroll continues…

BUT WAIT!! Could it be?!?? IT IS!!!

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