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…and not some weird middle-aged preggo stalker.

Tommie is Tommie.  And her verbal diarrhea is verbatim from CC’s gnemec, which I think is nothing less than sterling!


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I could’ve sworn I’ve posted this on the blog in the past, but looking through all the Family Circus mashups, I’ve done, this has apparently missed its true place in infamy.

Ah, well, since da Keanes feel the need to rerun a panel today (I don’t know if the hi-larious caption has been replaced), I’m including this old mashup, based on that panel’s repetition.  Imitation is the highest form of flattery, you know.  And as Bullwinkle said, “If they liked it once, they’ll love it a second time!”

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…catching your ulta-rich husband snogging with Margo!

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In which bats :[ finds an errant “Love is…”, two out of three color panels (although all three are in color), and the return of Scoopy, with possibly fatal results!

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I love The Comics Curmudgeon blog…Josh’s insights are funny, sharp, snarky, funny, more snarky…you get the idea.

And if laying the smack-down on comics that need whupping one side of the head (and usually down the other side) isn’t enough, there are the faithful Curminions, who are funny, sharp, snarky, funny, more snarky…you get the idea.  And some are positively inspired, talented beyond imagination, and wonderfully demented.  This flows from the pen (of course these types of folks write in pen! fountain pen! and they don’t get ink all over themselves either!) of Nehemiah Scudder, with a few suggestions from [Old Man] Muffaroo:

I am the very model of a comic strip curmudgeon.
My irony and wit are as sharp as any bludgeon,
I know about all comic strips both present and historical
From Yellow Kid to Cul de Sac in order categorical,
I know about slide rules too, and matters mathematical,
But I am especially good at anything grammatical.
I can diagram a sentence, and correctly use apostrophes
Tho I curse like Donald Duck when I attempt to write pornographies.
But as long as comic strips are there to rouse my dudgeon
I am the very model of a comic strip curmudgeon.

I am very good with words recondite and sesquipedalian,
Although my drinking habits are especially bacchanalian
Such words as fulgent, orgulous, occupy my cerebration,
Whilst I practice floccinaucinihilipilification.
I love to flaunt my knowledge of English lit and history
Tho anything to do with sports to me is just a mystery
But tho my comments range from the sublime to the ridiculous
I hope that I’ve never made a fellow ‘mudge somniculous!
But as long as comic strips are there to rouse my dudgeon
I am the very model of a comic strip curmudgeon.

Oh my gosh.  Just so good…take that, Les “I Am a Published Writer” Moore and Michael “Heh…We’re Still in Syndication, Suckers!” Patterson!

(Thanks for the loan, Nehemiah!)

I. Am. So. Excited.

I. Am. Still. Excited.

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…I hate my life in the Maryverse.

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I mean, what if we only have one bullet?

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Okay, so I’m batting .500, which Mary telling Toby All About Nola.  On the other hand, they’re out on a brisk walk, so Toby isn’t stuffing her face with whatever Mary is pushing in her direction.   (CC’s gnome de blog suggested that perhaps Mary and Toby were on their way to a Charterstone Pool Party, but if Mary isn’t carrying a covered dish — you wouldn’t expect her to show up empty-handed, would you? — I doubt it.  Yes, yet another disappointment in Maryville.)

And the day after…just another bitchy day in Paradise Santa Royale…

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Which translates into a coffee klatch between Mary and Toby.  Mary regales Toby with all that has happened.  Toby eats a banana/a salmon square/a bag of potato chips.  Thrills ahead!

[Got my first one million hits today…okay, so it took just over four years to do it (from 8 April 2008), but considering what a fabulously inconsequential blog this is, that’s cool!  Thanks for being one in a million!]