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(Although it’s something we can all agree on…)

This is from the Sunday Phantom storyline, so it doesn’t have anything to do with lions.  Which is a shame, really, because just about anything can be improved with lions.

Or monkeys.

Anyway, I think this is an excellent example of improvement.

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By bats | September 27, 2012 - 1:45 pm

Oh, heck, why not? If there’s pie to be had…

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Amidst all the fun and frolic in the Keane Kidz lives, this is apparently what happens when any one of them ventures from their protective Sno-Globe Kompound, into the real world.  (Billy originally chalked it up to his guardian angel having the day off, but do we really need a feeble explantion?  Really?)

Then again, maybe the ultra-violence isn’t an artifact of the outside world…

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Come on, O Ghost Who Doesn’t Know Much About Wildlife!

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get the idea across…

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I’d completely missed CC’s (Old Man) Muffaroo’s spin on this, which was sort of the same spin that I had, but was spinning even more! And better! (And if this makes any sense, feel free to drop me a line.)

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Some old lady is apparently a lot nastier than she should be (she’s a little old lady, fer chrissake!)

Some guy is her nephew is a constant disappointment to her and wears very color-coordinated outfits.

The other guy who is making Margo never makes fun of him.

Seriously? That’s the sum total of what I know about these two.  Other than the old lady provided a great set-up line.

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By the time you’re Child #4, you learn self-sufficiency quickly.

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Evidently the Llongo warriors have killed the mysterious Lion-Who-Isn’t-There three times! But no one returns with a body! And when they take their Young Queen to the sites of the massacres — there’s nothing there!

Of course, the Young Queen believes them.

Because she’s dumb.

The Phantom suspects otherwise, because he’s slightly less dumb and always worrying about other concerns horning in on his franchise.

But this fantastical story! In the middle of Africa! On the savannahs of Africa! Where the lion is the top predator, feared by all! What could it be?!?!

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Week Two in “Dawn Hogs a Cafeteria Table”!

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