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Gah! Five days without Photoshop! And possibly without seeing Rex Morgan! A lot can happen in that time (but probably not)…there could be another supply closet “cleaning,” or Andy just tearing out Max the Axe’s throat (pleaseohplease), or several more students dying, or Abby developing worms.

Oh, what about Rex discovering the MRSA source? I laugh at your optimism! I laugh!

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Abbey Driver is filthy rich. Would it kill her to hire a small jazz combo, or even just a drummer to emphasize her moves as she strikes one alluring pose after another? Such audio clues might even get Sam to take notice…

Meanwhile, here comes the teen-age angst!

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Friday’s Rex Morgan has an unseen individual coming up behind Rex, June and Andy, asking for a moment of Andy’s time. Who is it? I’m pretty sure it’s not MRSA personified, but that still leaves a lot of possibilities. (But if I’m right, I’m going to gamble a whole roll of nickels when I’m in Vegas… maybe even two at a time!)

[Update: Well, dang! It was a doughy-faced, way-too-happy lawyer serving Andy a subpena (which is an alternate spelling for it, it only looks about as stupid as the lawyer). I might still gamble a whole roll of nickels, though, as I’m so disappointed at this turn of events. With my luck, I won’t be able to find any Star Wars slots, which are way cool, particularly the Dark Side ones.]

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I like crappy dialog as much as the next person. I like writing crappy dialog, too. But if you’re gonna have verbal diarrhea, make it informative, or better yet, entertaining! Fun, huh?

Evidently, this concept has eluded some strips. Maybe because bigger word balloons = less drawing. But I suspect it’s just a bigger ego.

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…and about as bright as a chunk of granite, too!

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…but nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee!”

Ah, good times, 70s advertising! For some reason I remember going to Disneyland with my folks and being SO EXCITED to see Sara Lee products served at one of the restaurants there, and a whole outdoor music pavilion/gazebo sponsored by Carnation dairy foods. (Oh, yeah, I can’t forget the “World of the Atom” ride,  sponsored by Monsanto (“Without chemicals, life would be impossible.”)) I guess there’s a time and place for product placement, and a little is charming. Well, maybe when you’re a kid it is.

Oh, hey! Earth Day 2008 is over, and mirabile dictu, so is the MRSA town hall meeting! Andy looks a little worse for wear, while Rex has Georgia (peach pie) on his mind. Thank heavens for Joe’s, open at all hours, and no charge for extra grease.

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I laugh and smirk and make catty comments about June Morgan and Andy Reed (aka, Andreu, Count Morgu) messing around in the hospital supply closet, and THEN!, a member from over at CC diverts our attention to genuine messing around in the hospital supply closet!, courtesy Kyle’s Bed and Breakfast! Kyle’s a gay-themed (well, duh!) web comic strip by Greg Fox — he is an excellent illustrator! I’m jealous (why, I’m not sure, maybe the drawing and storytelling talents, maybe all the hot guys that are interested in other hot guys. C’est la vie.).

Well, if there’s kanoodling in the supply closet, can meddling be far behind?

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…that’s Meddle, if you’re Mary Worth, by the way.

This was an ongoing work-in-progress, mostly a way of showcasing some of the fine (and really, really funny, in some cases) portraiture that gets drawn and tossed after one reading in the daily strips. It was always going to have the theme of DMV license photos, but again, with Earth Day upon us (hey, if it weren’t important, places like Wal-Mart ‘n’ Macy’s wouldn’t tell us it is, right?), it seemed like a good time to post it.

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I’d say that at least 80% of the syndicated cartoonists did an Earth Day strip today (22 April). Some were seamless (Mutts is doing a sweet Earth Week series), some are clunky, and some like Judge Parker and Rex Morgan, gave the staff the day off and posted what looked like bumper stickers. How lame!

This is my effort to at least remedy the JP short-cut.

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