By bats | April 23, 2008 - 3:31 pm
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…but nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee!”

Ah, good times, 70s advertising! For some reason I remember going to Disneyland with my folks and being SO EXCITED to see Sara Lee products served at one of the restaurants there, and a whole outdoor music pavilion/gazebo sponsored by Carnation dairy foods. (Oh, yeah, I can’t forget the “World of the Atom” ride,  sponsored by Monsanto (“Without chemicals, life would be impossible.”)) I guess there’s a time and place for product placement, and a little is charming. Well, maybe when you’re a kid it is.

Oh, hey! Earth Day 2008 is over, and mirabile dictu, so is the MRSA town hall meeting! Andy looks a little worse for wear, while Rex has Georgia (peach pie) on his mind. Thank heavens for Joe’s, open at all hours, and no charge for extra grease.

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