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Luann isn’t in it! There are a few bumps along the way…

And when we say “what a mutha Ann will make,” we mean it. Give her nothing less than hell, Tiffany!

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By bats | June 25, 2020 - 3:11 pm
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…unfortunately, this is nothing like it.

But wait…there’s more!

So now Saul has to rescue Greta…

But at least, the basic ground rules with their unwanted guest have been laid (yay!):

And the good ideas just keep on coming…

Fortunately, help is on the way…I think.

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It’s nearly summer, and that means repeats! Let’s relive those exciting chapters in the comics, when Rex Morgan, M.D., met his wife June (stop that whining right now!).

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It could be any minute now….Madi, or Death, or Mary Worth jogging by, or Death, or Dawn and Jared strolling along, or Death Death Death!


Saul and Lyle say their goodbyes…

And now we get those little surprises…

Don’t worry, Saul. I think Greta will deal with the Madi dynamics…

Yep, I was right!

Saul wakes next morning to a terrible surprise…a messy apartment! Whoever could’ve caused it???

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Who’s bright idea was it to buy a house on a quarter-acre of water-guzzling lawn? Yes, YOU, Big Daddy!

And it looks like Dolly just can’t catch (or catch-up) a break…

It’s those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer (well, in five days or so):

And a guest-inspired strip to keep Big Daddy naked…

Funny, though, how sometimes profound insight occurs in the Kean Kompound (funnier still when it comes from Jeffy):

And, for once, an off-strip narrator must speak (“Not Me”!):

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Who cares if she can’t cook? The entertainment part is marvelous!

And we’re back in Hollywood, where Les gets to watch hours of screen tests for the wonderful, wonderful DEAD LISA! Oh, the Joy!

Mason shoos Les off to the studio cafeteria to win friends and influence people. So far, two people aren’t impressed.

Don’t do it, Tudor walk-on! Don’t engage Les in conversation!


The scintillating conversation continues…

I miss the old days of Hollywood…

This has all the earmarks of an award-winner, particularly since 2020 was the Year of Broken Dreams…

The cruel but honest side of Hollywood:

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Someone asked why Le Chat Bleu (Les Moore’s nemesis) hadn’t made an appearance in the mystery car; someone else speculated that the feline was spending time over at Crankshaft’s strip, where Old Lillian continues to launch her writing career. Maybe so, but considering Batuiuk writes for both Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft (or at least foundered founded both strips), there isn’t much of a stretch.

And I will admit that when I first thought of mashing this, I was going to change the title of her next book to “Murder at the Remainder Table,” but I forgot…which ties in with Lillian’s literary career.

Just to make Le Chat Bleu happy, I still may do that.

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Make it up from whole cloth! (Really, it isn’t that difficult!)

Saul’s still on board (reluctantly) with teen-sitting Madi. Greta continues to thing otherwise.

Still, the current situation isn’t sitting well with some folks…

I find myself feeling bad for Saul. Getting stuck with a distant relative would be just as appealing to me (that is, not at all). I’m not as old as he is, but I am an old child, and that suited me just fine.

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Les is back home and still worrying over his film-epic-to-be…what will happen if the guy who knocked up dead Lisa (still alive) shows up on the doorstep or railroad crossing of post office? And who cares?

Nevertheless Les is beginning to see enemies everywhere…and we are obligated to oblige the jerk. Starting with…

And then:


And even MORE THEN!:

This spreads more insidiously that ‘rona virus!

The driver is actually Mason Jarr, following Les so he can “become” Les, in the great tradition of hack D-list movie actors everywhere! and everyone who reads this tripe asks “Who cares?”

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Mark Trail doesn’t worry too much. Just enough. Things work out one way or another. And then there’s pancakes! See? I told you life is good!

Still, Mark tries to comfort his worried family…

Who would’ve thought?

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