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Now here’s something worth cheering: that modern classic, The Quality of MRSA, is not yet complete! MRSA is still a Hot Topic.

Well, it is if you’re a six-year-old, and you think you’re Daddy is “special.”

Enough kidding around, though…there’s labwork to be done, and we all know Rex isn’t about to do it:

And although the news might be good, everyone’s just a little tense while waiting for the results.

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What do you need to know about Lu Ann from Apartment 3G?
She’s an aspiring artist.
She’s either been haunted by or has hallucinations about a minor 19th C. American painter living in her studio.
Her boyfriend Alan is a drug addict who’s currently thinking about making a career out of selling drugs.
She’s a ditz.

And in this original panel, Lu Ann had just heard that The Prairie Conservancy is interested in her wildflower paintings and that it was flying her out to SOUTH DAKOTA!!! Yes, she was this excited about going to SOUTH DAKOTA!!! If you had only one wish, that for an absolutely dream vacation, wouldn’t we all want to go to SOUTH DAKOTA!!!?

Anyone who’s that delirious about going to SOUTH DAKOTA!!! sets off all sorts of alarms for me…

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(The whole text of the original panel is contained in Dolly’s word balloon. It needed help.)

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The Funkiverse has moved on ten years. Les goes to NYC on business, but goes to all the old haunts that he and dead-wife Lisa visited, even when he and Funky’s ex-wife Cindy go out to dinner (and from what I’ve read, “Ellen’s Diner” is a real tourist trap, just tailored for the usual from-the-sticks first-time New York visitors (“Garsh, the waiters even sing!”). When he’s on his own, he has conversations with a frighteningly solid Lisa.

Losing a spouse is dreadful, and the way this has been presented suggests that, aside from managing to drag his sorry ass to work on a regular basis, all Les does in his free time is mourn. I suppose in the Funkiverse, that could qualify as a hobby, though. Yeesh.

Still, I had to indulge in this pity party for one good reason (hint, he’s feline and snarky). The second good reason kind of appeared during the mash-up (as he is wont to do).

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By bats | July 26, 2008 - 4:31 pm
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With heaven as my witness, we have not seen the last of Andreu, Count Morgu! [shake fists, rail at the sky, drop to knees, fall asleep]

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How about tragic golfing accidents?

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Okay, so dragging suspect mats out of a basement isn’t exciting. Culturing the mats and doing the necessary labwork to test the mats isn’t exciting.

But geez…this is such a let-down (kind of like when the Comics Curmudgeon, Josh Fruhlinger, lost on Jeopardy on 22 July). Josh did very well on the show — he was just up against an automaton, that’s all. Yay, Josh!

And now, back to other disappointments…

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…or maybe all the fun. As the Mystery of the Mats slogs forward, I am left with having to punch up the script.

Not that anyone asked me to. And in this case, it isn’t Shakespearean dialog, either.

Still no Shakespeare in sight, but priceless for Janice Mallory’s “Don’t play dumb with me!”. I couldn’t make up stuff like that!

And this is pretty much wraps up my feelings toward personal injury lawyers…

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Geez, Louise! Max is trying to distract the cop and shut his wife up, Wifey is going ballastic, and the cop probably just wants to leave this lunatic asylum (or at least the driveway to the lunatic asylum). But hey, anything to move the plot along!

The fun continues on Sunday (20 July) with a completely-clueless policeman.  (With a potential public health nightmare like a MRSA outbreak, wouldn’t it make sense to notify all public officials as to the potential problems something like this could cause?)

This is way more fun:

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By bats | July 17, 2008 - 1:31 pm
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Right. Just as soon as the shady lawyer tries to talk his way out of several traffic citations.
Rex perfects his sleuthing.
Andy is just going to have a heart attack.
Life is good. I love this strip.

Aaaaaaaaaand….Rex is distracted again!

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