By bats | July 28, 2008 - 2:02 pm
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The Funkiverse has moved on ten years. Les goes to NYC on business, but goes to all the old haunts that he and dead-wife Lisa visited, even when he and Funky’s ex-wife Cindy go out to dinner (and from what I’ve read, “Ellen’s Diner” is a real tourist trap, just tailored for the usual from-the-sticks first-time New York visitors (“Garsh, the waiters even sing!”). When he’s on his own, he has conversations with a frighteningly solid Lisa.

Losing a spouse is dreadful, and the way this has been presented suggests that, aside from managing to drag his sorry ass to work on a regular basis, all Les does in his free time is mourn. I suppose in the Funkiverse, that could qualify as a hobby, though. Yeesh.

Still, I had to indulge in this pity party for one good reason (hint, he’s feline and snarky). The second good reason kind of appeared during the mash-up (as he is wont to do).

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