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The Comics Curmudgeon’s “boojum” commented that this week’s Mary Worth has turned into “Solomon Grundy,” and I cheerfully agree.  Well, maybe not exactly cheerfully.

August 31:


September 1:


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By bats | August 30, 2010 - 12:28 pm

So “Dr. Mike,” in a chat on a park bench with his estranged dad Lonnie, forgives years of abandonment, the death of his heart-broken, work-broken mother, and a very messed-up view of love and commitment, in a heartbeat and packs up ol’ Boozy to bring him into his own home?

Very noble.  But a little too “convenient.”  All I’m saying, there might be big-game hunters in Mark Trail, but there are hunters of other kinds, Mrs. Worth…


P.S.  I am NOT responsible for Lonnie’s mortal-coil shuffling routine on 31 August.  That was WAY too much of a gimmee, even for me.

She keeps a tidy home, makes wonderful meals, takes care of herself, and her galoot-of-a-husband Mark seems oblivious to it all.  There ought to be a story line all about Cherry…only it would probably be boring.  Unless it was an affair with Johnny Malotte.  And still…



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mr. bats :[ has been pulling what’s left of his hair out for the last 25 hours or so, when we lost a major DSL connection and a couple of phone lines.  I think one phone line is still dead-in-the-water/on-the-pole, but it *seems* everything is up and running.

Yeah, I’m sure your live just got a little brighter with that news.  Thanks for reading and coming back!


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…as long as there are other distracti0ns.


(like new-fangled appliances, crotch grabs, guest appearances (with dialog!) and talented orifices)

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…because the first two panels (identical from the strip) pretty much do all the

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…or as Yogi might say, “It’s déjà vu all over again“.


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Women who nickname themselves Kat or Kitty make me nuts.  Most of them don’t resemble the sleek, noble beats by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, I’ve known a few who have real behavioral issues, so maybe it isn’t too far from the mark.


(I just love playing with Bucky in Photoshopland…)

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Okay, who guessed that Dr. Mike would have a change of heart when his dead-beat dad explained the reason for abandoning him and his mother?

Good.  Now who guessed the Dr. Mike would vow to look after his dad, to make him well, to restore their family to a nice little hoopy-poopy nuclear unit?



Come on.  Just a little bit of a diversion from the obvious would be nice.


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I missed it.  Maybe I’m just jaded.  You see, it’s not uncommon for things other than humans to have their say in Mark Trail.  Squirrels.  Chickadees.  Beavers.  Rusty’s camera.  Mark’s forearm.

But how could I have missed Mark literally talking out of his ass? I did. I hang my head (not quite in shame, but something or other).

To make good on this golden opportunity, here’s a little history and culture lesson.  There will be a quiz.


And in the words of Indiana Jones, “Now you’re getting nasty.”

No need to be rude, Mr. Penis-Substitute.  Mark will punch you sooner or later.  In the meantime, his butt is just as willing as you to trade bon mots.


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